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Graph labelling thesis pdf

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When used without qualification, the term labeled graph generally refers to a vertex-labeled graph with all labels distinct. Such a graph may equivalently be labeled by the consecutive integers {1, …, | V | }, where | V | is the number of vertices in the graph. [1] For many applications, the edges or vertices are given labels that are meaningful in the associated domain. For example, the edges may be assigned weights representing the "cost" of traversing between the incident vertices. [2]

V. J. Kaneria, S. K. Vaidya, G. V. Ghodasara and S. Srivastav, Some classes of disconnected graceful graphs, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Engineering, Technology and Sciences, (2008) 1050 - 1056.

A major unproven conjecture in graph theory is the Graceful Tree conjecture or Ringel–Kotzig conjecture , named after Gerhard Ringel and Anton Kotzig , which hypothesizes that all trees are graceful. The Ringel–Kotzig conjecture is also known as the "graceful labeling conjecture". Kotzig once called the effort to prove the conjecture a "disease". [3]

the graph labelings which are used throughout this thesis... f is called an Even-Graceful Labeling of a graph G ... Even Graceful Graph and Odd Graceful Graphs ...

There are other ways of displaying data, but pie and bar charts, line graphs and histograms are likely to be the best ways of displaying data in an undergraduate dissertation.

Graph labelling thesis pdf

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graph labelling thesis pdf
graph labelling thesis pdf

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