Essay on Mother Teresa for Children and Students, Essay on mother teresa in tamil

Essay on mother teresa in tamil

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Her mission and ministry of mercy and compassion were limitless and ever expanding. Consequently, she became the most loved and respected woman of the world. She became internationally known for her charitable work for the victims of disease, illness, poverty, exploitation, neglect and adversity.

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Mother Teresa persuaded the citizens of Kolkata that leprosy was not contagious. She helped the lep- rosy-afflicted people to build a self-sup- porting colony at Titagarh.

When she was 18, she realized that the world is full of pain. She wanted to serve the grieving people and became a nun. She left home and reached the platform where Sisters of Loreto served. She earned the name Sister Mary Teresa. She traveled and reached India in the year 1929. She started teaching at the St. Teresa School, Darjeeling and learned the local tongue, Bengali.

Though she was quite active in teaching, she was disturbed by the sight of absolute poverty on the streets of Calcutta. The call to serve the poor came while she was travelling from Darjeeling to Calcutta in 1946. Her first move to serve the poor was to turn Indian in every form – from adopting Indian Citizenship, a change to a cotton sari as against her Loreto habit and getting fully trained to medically treat the sick. She received the medical training from Patna.

Mother Teresa was born in August 26 1910 in the city of Skopje. Skopje lies within Macedonia, a small country just north of Greece. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was an independent woman who feels she can change the world by the path of God. A true hero is a normal person just like us who is committed to do extraordinary things. Mother Teresa is a hero through her determination, humbleness, and courage. People throughout time had always envisioned a hero to be born with power. However, that does not entirely define someone a hero. Mother Teresa was a true humble heroin who dedicated her life in helping the poor of India.

Teresa received a number of honours, including the 1962 Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and 1979 Nobel Peace Prize . She was canonised (recognised by the church as a saint ) on 4 September 2016, and the anniversary of her death (5 September) is her feast day .

She had helped a lot to the poor people of Kolkata suffering from the leprosy. She made them sure that it is not a contagious disease and cannot be reached to another one. She helped them to build their own self supporting colony at Titagarh.

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For almost seventeen years she led a sheltered life teaching history and geography. Then one day while returning from a visit, she saw the slums of Kolkata. The sight broke her heart. She was appalled by the misery which she saw.

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Her mother had to sew in order to feed her children but she was also very considerate about her kids’ religious education.

As the chidren become older, mother Teresa became involved in the church with her elder sister ,Aga. At the age of just 12 she showed her intention of becoming a nun. But due to her health problems she continued her schooling. She was already involved in the church activities. As a young girl, she decided to help the poor in Africa. By the late 20s she grew into a disciplined,well organized student. Finally at the age of 18 she told her mother that she wants to become a nun and her mother gave her blessings.

Mother Teresa was referred to as the Angel of Mercy because she showed mercy to the people who were neglected.  She always was concerned about others more than she was.  There probably will not be another person like her, but through her, many people have been inspired and can live by her example by reaching out to everyone in need. I remember Mother Teresa once said that not everyone could do great things. However, we can start small by doing small deeds with passion. Mother Teresa loved everyone with passion and found good in every person she met. Mother Teresa was determined as she helped the poor; she saved many lives in his country India.

In 1950, She established the Missionaries of Charity to help the poor, helpless, disabled, diseased, refugees and lepers. Today, the Missionary is present in more than 100 countries.

Mother Teresa was a person that was admired and respected. She was a person that made an impact on your life and made people loot at the world with a different eye.

Mother Teresa had a beautiful heart. She decided to work to eliminate the sufferings of the humanity and the misery of the helpless. She stayed in India in major portion of her life. When she was 18 years old, spiritual life of the missionaries attracted her. In 1928 she came to Calcutta (now Kolkata) with a message of love. At first she began her work as a teacher at Calcutta.

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Essay on mother teresa in tamil

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essay on mother teresa in tamil
essay on mother teresa in tamil

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