, Buffalo essay in marathi

Buffalo essay in marathi

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Most of the buffaloes in India are river type, though swamp varieties are also found in certain parts of the country, especially in eastern parts. Buffalo is our main milch producing species, and cattle the main milch species to produce the draft bullocks. This is why the contribution of buffaloes to the total milk production is larger than that of cattle. India is the home tract of some of the best buffalo breeds.

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Marathi Daily news paper Maharashtra Times was the first to cover and recommend 'Marathi language Wikipedia' on 27 July 2006. [6]

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Cats were probably first kept because they ate mice , and this is still their main 'job' in farms throughout the world. Later they were kept because they are friendly and good companions.

Murrah Buffalo Dairy Guide: Introduction of Murrah Buffaloes:- In India, Dairy farming is one of the best and profitable business which provides the rural employment. When it comes to buffalo population, India has 55% of world buffalo population. As population growing day by day, it is essential to bring the best quality put from dairy farming. Usually buffaloes have multiple …

The Murrah buffalo is jet black in colour, sometimes with white markings on the face or legs. Bulls weigh around 550 kg and cows around 450 kg. They typically have short and tightly curved horns. Average milk production is 2200 litres in a lactation period of 310 days. [2] [6] Eyes are black, active and prominent in females but slightly shrunken in males and should not be walled . cornea should not have whiteness. Neck is long and thin in females and thick and massive in males. Ears are short, thin and alert.

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Lions are often called the "king of the beasts". They are used as symbols representing courage . They appear in heraldry more often than any other animal. They are an icon of courage and royalty.

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Meaning and definitions of buffalo, translation in Marathi language for buffalo with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of buffalo in Marathi and in English language. Tags for the entry "buffalo" What buffalo means in Marathi, buffalo meaning in Marathi, buffalo definition, examples and pronunciation of buffalo in Marathi language.

Buffalo essay in marathi

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buffalo essay in marathi
buffalo essay in marathi

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