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Late Elementary – abbreviations, abilities, adjectives, businesses, cities, consonants, countries, communication, continents, currency, exercises, habitats, hazards, mammals, materials, measure units, metals, nouns, oceans, odd/even numbers, parts of speech, presidents, punctuation, school subjects, seasonings, sizes, states, symbols, textures, trees, verb tenses, verbs, weather

I don’t really care about the homework grades…except that I was able to tell two kids I want them to spend more time reading, once I graded their reading quizzes.

Due to the end of term testing which will determine which sounds you will need to work on next term. For the moment, practise week 9 spelling words and week 10 words will be given in class on Monday.

Articles on the Native tribes of North America as well as primary sources, including treaties, speeches, traditional tales, maps, and images.

On Friday he introduced the task to the children proudly, showing his watch design and explaining its functions. To his amazement two of the boys called called out, ‘we’ve done ours already; we sneaked in at playtime and saw it on your desk!’ These two individuals, who hadn’t managed a single piece of homework between them all year, now produced finished watch designs and stories from their bags! That week every child in the class completed their homework on time and Giles realised that he was on to a winner.

Today we read analyzed Obama’s Farewell Speech. We noticed how he added VOICE to his writing to make his words more powerful and convincing.

Read the extract and answer the questions in full sentences. Your teacher will direct you as to how many or which questions you should attempt.

is the effect of only finding out the narrator’s name at the end of this chapter?  What is the significance of the revelation?

Find a link that describes a “Credit Default Swap” and briefly summarize your understanding of it. Here are a few links that I found helpful:

Speeches continue tomorrow, well done today. No maths homework Scrapbook and critique due next week LTM 4 due tomorrow. No presentations but we are moving on to LTM5. Grade 8s, we are congregating together tomorrow morning for a small meeting … Continue reading →

Green: accommodate, accommodation, accommodating, accompany, according, achieve, achievable, achievement, overachieve, aggressive.

See the Following guidelines on the best way to Write a Dissertation Keep in mind that copying from a single supply – it is plagiarism, from two sources – is a compilation, of three or maybe more sources – the dissertation. Try not to compose a too long paper, the dissertation is not “War and […]

Your homework is to write each of the homophones ‘there’, ‘their’  and ‘they’re’ into sentences.

alphabet and spelling
days and months
family and pets
where you live

The main thing to think about in each paragraph is : What (What language), How (quotation), Why (Effect on reader and the writer’s intention).

Video: http:///algebra-1/relations-functions/coordinate-plane/coordinate-plane-graphing/coordinate-plane-graph-points-example

I hope you are all enjoying your half term holiday, below is your homework to complete, please note the due dates of the individual pieces. Spellings – You need to ...

Purple – persuade, persuasive, aerobics, aerodynamic, aerosol, aerospace, aerobatics, autopsy, autopilot, automatically
Red – persuade, persuasive, thoughtfully, frantically, recklessly, sheepishly, inquisitively, hastily, rudely, obnoxiously
Green – persuade, persuasive, anxious, anxiety, malice, malicious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious
Blue –  there, their, they’re, knew, new, here, hear, p ersuade, persuasive, persuaded 

Below is your Higher RUAE Homework booklet that Mrs King has been working on with you, as various other bits and bobs on how to answer the questions.

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