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Thesis clothing soweto

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Thesis was started in 2005 as a streetwear brand to illustrate a new point of view surrounding street culture in Soweto. We were friends going around Johannesburg buying second hand clothes and we were also inspired by the growth of street culture globally. That’s how the seed to start the brand came about. Thesis has always been a platform for us to express ourselves.

The store itself is as much a hangout as a retail destination and the industrial-chic interiors mix minimalist trends with Soweto street style  – colourful custom-made wallpaper is plastered behind the counter, retro fixie bikes hang on the walls, and the changing room is constructed from corrugated iron.

Their line of clothing is urban, South African, sexy and stylish. The above collection was featured at Joburg Fashion Week and we look forward to seeing what they do next. When Creative Director Mangaliso Radebe asked this question by Dazed Digital , this is what they had to say:

Get the united details of Effective Clothing(Clothing) which is anticipated at Soweto, GautengSouth Man. Find Phone numbers, email ids, openers, photos and other.

That new New has landed at both our stores. Make sure you pop in at Kagiso or Mofolo to get your essentials. Tee’s selling at R200 a pop. # defineyourself # thesislifestyle

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The Thesis collective is big on activities and maintains a popular running club along with hosting parties. Thesis Run Cru is the running club, which meets Saturdays from 7am to . Through this initiative, the collective seeks to foster a culture of fitness through running. After all, a healthy body is a healthy mind.

What has been your biggest challenge?  Funding and getting people to understand our idea was a very big issue in the beginning. Our biggest challenge had to do with people not catching up to the trends we were trying to localise, and that made them not understand our brand. Even when we started the Jam Session, many people didn’t understand the concept and laughed at the idea. But now, with the growth and accessibility to the Internet, young people have caught up and are responding.

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Dazed Digital: How did Thesis start up?
Mangaliso Radebe: We started by buying second hand clothing and customizing it. We would buy something and give it a whole new look and its own character. It wasn't that difficult at first as we started buying t-shirts and printing them (they have their own in-house graphic artists). The money we made from the t-shirts was used to buy fabrics (mainly denim) and other accessories. The challenge started though when we opened the clothing store, we had to have proper structures in place and needed money (as we still do). We persuaded family members to invest in us to start things up.

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 · About us. Thesis is a clothing brand that illustrates a new point of view about Soweto ; it is a brand for the youth, by the youth of Soweto and South Africa.

What sets them apart from other companies, regardless of industry vertical, is how culture and community, sustained inner-drive, discipline and an unwavering commitment to affect positive change has guided this operation to.

I went onto the Thesis blog and saw pictures of matt black nail polish, a picture of a Chinese girl called “Little Dragon” playing the drums, street art (not graffiti) and a paper sculpture of Andy Warhol. I also didn’t see any mention of “hoes”, “guns”, “crack” and “jacking fools”. But then again who wants to look at pictures of dead cats on my blog.

Thesis clothing soweto

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Changing the face of townships, one store at a time: We.

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thesis clothing soweto
thesis clothing soweto

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