Raining cats and dogs - the meaning and origin of this., Raining cats and dogs essay

Raining cats and dogs essay

Swift also wrote a poem, “City Shower” (1710), that described floods that occurred after heavy rains. The floods left dead animals in the streets, and may have led locals to describe the weather as “raining cats and dogs.”

One thing is quite sure that this idiom was not originates because of the rain of pets like cats and dog. We tried to figure out that how pets like cats and dogs are related to heavy rains but nothing matches seriously.

rain cats and dogs ( third-person singular simple present rains cats and dogs , present participle raining cats and dogs , simple past and past participle rained cats and dogs )

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Rain-related idioms, sayings and proverbs

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Raining cats and dogs essay

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It s Raining Cats & Dogs

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raining cats and dogs essay
raining cats and dogs essay

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