Advantages of Case Study Method, Benefits of a case study method

Benefits of a case study method

In doing case study research, the "case" being studied may be an individual, organization, event, or action, existing in a specific time and place. For instance, clinical science has produced both well-known case studies of individuals and also case studies of clinical practices. [3] [4] [5] However, when "case" is used in an abstract sense, as in a claim, a proposition, or an argument, such a case can be the subject of many research methods, not just case study research. Case studies may involve both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Overall, I think that case studies are an important and useful method of data collection, especially in cases of rare phenomena. It would be extremely unethical to go taking parts of peoples brains out just to make a larger sample size to use a different experimental design method. However, as data is collected on new cases I think it is important to always refer back to previous data in order to build on existing knowledge and ensure findings are as applicable to real life as possible.

One of the most persuasive sources of information that consumers seek out are customer testimonials. For B2B companies, this not only means informal reviews by customers, but also case studies . Just like when you’re shopping for shoes and want to browse through the customer reviews, prospects want to see what kinds of experiences other people have had with your product or service.

“quantitative measures appear objective, but only so long as we don’t ask questions about where and how the data were produced… pure objectivity is not a meaningful concept if the goal is to measure intangibles [as] these concepts only exist because we can interpret them” (Berg and Lune, 2010: 340).

The case studies on this site describe benefit-cost analyses for actual projects. They may be helpful in demonstrating the value of benefit-cost analysis and showing how it can be used. For people who might wish to use these analyses as models, each case study includes a critique noting strengths and shortcomings of the analysis and a reference to the case study source. Case studies are for:

Another financial services company, Nationwide Insurance, undertook a refresh of its LCD monitors. In an original, user-centric approach, it conducted blind studies of different monitors with its employees. Nationwide found in a blind preference test of computer monitors that 74 percent of employees chose the Samsung SC450 LED monitor over two other options. In the end, Nationwide’s employees were given a 16 percent larger monitor with truer colors, resulting in better ergonomics and productivity benefits.

Most case assignments require students to answer an open-ended question or develop a solution to an open-ended problem with multiple potential solutions. Requirements can range from a one-paragraph answer to a fully developed group action plan, proposal or decision.

We are a recipient of a 2004 National Dissemination grant from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Undergraduate Education and has been cited as a source for model case studies by the National Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Mark Murphy is a Reader in Education and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow. He previously worked as an academic at King’s College, London, University of Chester, University of Stirling, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, University College Dublin and Northern Illinois University. Mark is an active researcher in the fields of education and public policy. His research interests include educational sociology, critical theory, accountability in higher education, and public sector reform.

The characteristics of qualitative methods are listed in Table 1 Characteristics 1, 2, 4 and 7 highlight the emphasis of qualitative data on providing richness of understanding of phenomenon in context (Duncan, 1979; Yin, 1989). Quantitative methods "…by themselves may ignore much of the process phenomenon associated with a particular research question so that a real understanding of what's happened may not exist" (Duncan, 1979, ). The use of qualitative data collection and analysis methods increases the likelihood that the advantages of case study method can be obtained.

Benefits case studies (publications ) The Health and Social Care Information Centre ... Benefits case study - 'Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) ...

This work is to present the case study as a research approach, showing that its characterization is not an easy task, due mainly to its many different approaches and applications. It highlights its increasing importance as a research tool, exploring its origins, meanings and delineation as an investigation methodology. In order to demonstrate its application, it indicates its most common advantages and constraints, stressing the important role played by the researcher, who must be careful about generalizations, striving constantly for scientific rigor in the treatment of the subject.

“For your clients, the value is not so apparent,” says contributor Paul McKeon, “you are asking your clients for a big favor: a public endorsement.” This holds many marketers back, wary of resistance and rejection.

Benefits of a case study method

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benefits of a case study method
benefits of a case study method

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