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Méthode dissertation français

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The information included in the dissertation methodology is similar to the process of creating a science project: you need to present the subject that you aim to examine, and explain the way you chose to go about approaching your research. There are several different types of research, and research analysis, including primary and secondary research, and qualitative and quantitative analysis, and in your dissertation methodology, you will explain what types you have employed in assembling and analysing your data.

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The methodology section will explain why you have chosen to adopt the approach you are using. In so doing, you should also note (briefly) what is inappropriate about the other approaches as well as the ways in which you have overcome any negatives that are associated with your approach. Thus, for instance, you might, if conducting interviews, note that you have used some 'closed questions' so that the personal bias of the interviewer (you) is minimised.

The main research question and sub-questions of your dissertation and requirements of your institution or supervisor together determine what research types and methods you choose.

Méthode dissertation français

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méthode dissertation français
méthode dissertation français

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