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Photography assistant resume cover letter

Several American cinematographers have become directors, including Barry Sonnenfeld , originally the Coen brothers ' DP; Jan de Bont , cinematographer on films as Die Hard and Basic Instinct , directed Speed and Twister . In 2014, Wally Pfister , cinematographer on Christopher Nolan 's three Batman films , made his directorial debut with Transcendence ; whilst British cinematographers Jack Cardiff and Freddie Francis regularly moved between the two positions.

You’ll learn about the legal and ethical requirements relating to photo imaging as well as important skills useful in any job, such as communication, teamwork, and health and safety.

There are also many excellent college courses around the UK which could provide you with a sound technical grounding, as well as access to work placement schemes.

When starting out, try and push yourself to assist across a variety of genres because you never know what kind of job you may get in the future or whether a completely unknown genre will surprise you. Different types of photographers use different cameras, lights and computer software. Working on fast paced fashion shoot is a completely different experience to working in a more methodical still life environment, for example. Once you know what area you want to get into, focus on that.

For advertising gigs, $350 for a ten-hour day is acceptable, but first assistants that work regularly for the same photographer can command day rates of $400 and upwards. Digital tech rates start at around $500 for a ten-hour day. While this might seem like a lot in comparison to the aforementioned assistant rates, the responsibility of organizing workflow and archiving and processing the entire shoot is worth that money. Also, after ten hours, time-and-a-half is the norm. Make sure you keep track of how many OT hours you’ve done so you can bill accurately and ensure you don’t get short-changed.

If you are interested in joining our creative posse send us your resume with a cover letter and a link to your portfolio. We get dozens of applications, so as they say, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

My experience includes setting up backgrounds, lighting, and props for shoots comprising weddings, family reunions, birthdays, maternity, and other special occasions while working closely with the lead photographer to ensure a smooth and consistent workflow. With my strong knowledge of various photography equipment and editing software programs—along with my excellent communication and time management skills—I am confident that my talents will significantly benefit your business.

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We've been running a series of 1-day introduction to assisting courses aimed at giving an overview of assisting for beginners and for existing assistants to brush up their skills. The next course date is to be confirmed. For further details and to register your interest see our courses page.

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While being a lighting assistant doesn’t require a specific skill set, the job does go beyond simply carrying equipment and following instructions. A good lighting assistant is engaged, proactive, professional and personable. Each lead photographer will have different expectations for their lighting assistants; but in general, there are certain things that all lighting assistants should keep in mind.

During the shoot, you are there to assist the photographer, and your duties will vary from shoot to shoot. You will almost certainly be required to carry and set up equipment. You could be asked to stand in for the subject while the photographer sets up lighting. If reflectors are used during the shoot, you'll be the one holding them; you'll also be the one changing lenses or making small lighting adjustments while the model is holding a pose. If you are lucky, the professional may ask you do take some test shots or even take shots of him at work for use in his publicity material.

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Photography assistant resume cover letter

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photography assistant resume cover letter
photography assistant resume cover letter

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