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Write essay south park

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"Cartoon Wars Part II" contains several cultural references. The episode parodies the Fox animated sitcom Family Guy , which was revived from cancellation the previous year and attracted immense popularity. Parker stated, "we totally understand that people love it, that's why we put it in the show, we understand that it speaks to some people and it can just be a simple laugh and that's great and we certainly don't think it should be taken off the air or anything like that, we just don't respect it in terms of writing", later referring to the writers behind the show as "smart" but emphatically criticizing their overuse of "gag-humor". [6]

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The lesbians' fight against the Persians, with Mrs. Garrison kicking the messenger, Rauf Xerxes's physical appearance, and a plethora of slow-motion sequences, are references to the Zack Snyder film 300 .

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Write essay south park

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write essay south park
write essay south park

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