Valentines Day Free Homework Passes by A Teachable Teacher., Valentine no homework pass

Valentine no homework pass

8 adorable homework passes that they staple on to homework Free No Homework passes in cute animal ... - Please enjoy these FREE Valentine's Day Homework Passes!

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Please enjoy these FREE Valentine's Day Homework Passes!  It comes in three different sizes, so choose the one that best meets your needs!

The Hundred Chart Puzzle is a teacher-led activity that challenges students to use their knowledge of number order to complete a puzzle that results in a writing prompt or perhaps a letter to a friend. The Valentine's Day Cards activities uses some authentic situations to encourage students to complete word problems related to comparing and ordering numbers.

There are two coupons per sheet, so feel free to print as many as you need. If you are presenting multiple coupons as a set, you may want to tie it up with some ribbon or twine !

We first asked students to list some of the reasons they might not complete homework. Responses included

  • They did not understand the assignment.
  • There was no area at home conducive to studying, and they had too many distractions.
  • No one was available to help when they had difficulty.
  • They did not know how to work independently.
  • They were getting too much homework.
  • They didn't have time.

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Please enjoy some quality time with your will pick back up with our regular homework packets on Friday, February 23rd! Please continue to read DAILY for 15 minutes! Remember to log this on your Reading Calendar. Thank you for your continued support from home!
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Valentine no homework pass

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valentine no homework pass
valentine no homework pass

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