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Vietnamese wedding speech to parents

In Vietnam, the betrothal ceremony, or an hoi, also involves gift-giving. The groom and his family visit the bride’s family bearing round red lacquered boxes full of tea, cakes, fruit, wine and areca leaves and betel nuts. As red is considered a lucky color, the boxes draped in red silk and carried by unmarried girls or boys in red clothes.

Preparation for the traditional Vietnamese wedding begins with choosing a date and time for the marriage ceremony. This is decided by a Buddhist monk, Spiritual leader, or fortune teller due to the spiritual nature of the occasion. This tradition may change if the family is Catholic.

Vietnamese engagement ceremony is an important ceremony before the wedding which involve both fiancé’s and fiancée’s families. In the past, engagement ceremony was considered very important even than the wedding ceremony because it was an official day to announce the wedding, the relationship between two families. Nowadays, it is less important and varied for each region. In the big city the engagement ceremony could be celebrated 1 day before (and 1 month in the countryside) the wedding ceremony.

As a first generation Vietnamese-American, I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate to very distinctive ceremonies. From the beginning, Cory and I knew we wanted to incorporate Vietnamese traditions into our wedding planning. For my parents, it was as important to host a tea ceremony at our home for friends and family as it is for Cory’s parents for us to get married in a church. So, while most were enjoying their Labor Day BBQs, we were enjoying some engagement TEA!

On the other side of town, Gerard got dressed while the family prepped all the red gift trays and offerings to bring to the Bride’s house – a dowry in a sense. And on this day, let’s see.. I was worth a total of 6 red trays filled with traditional offerings like tea and cookies, fresh fruit, sweet rice, Vietnamese jello and liquor, Hennessy XO to be exact. Oh, and let’s not forget the roasted suckling pig!

The Vietnamese usually combine the betrothal ceremony and the engagement party in one and it is often more important than any other aspect of the marriage.

Should you witness someone else stumbling through a terrible wedding toast — perhaps the person is drunk, stoned, angry, tongue-tied or otherwise impaired — do the right thing and stop it for the sake of the bride and groom. Stand up, thank the speaker, raise the glass and toast the couple without referencing the disaster that preceded.

Generally, there are three types of weddings in Nigeria: traditional weddings, church weddings and court weddings. The civil marriage takes place at a registry, and then the religious ceremony follows. Finally it’s the traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony. Many couples choose to do all three, depending on their financial situation. Nigerian weddings are normally characterised by lots of colours.

 Depending on habits of specific ethnic groups, marriage includes various steps and related procedures, but in general, there are two main ceremonies:

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Vietnamese tea ceremonies begin with the procession of the groom’s family followed by the visitation to the bride’s home. The procession is led by a member of the groom’s family who is well respected and well spoken. This member is then followed by groom’s father, the groom, and the rest of his family and friends. The females of the procession adorn Ao dais or dresses,  An Ao dai is traditional long-sleeved tunic worn over silk pants.

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Deep down, everyone knows you love him (but, having known him for so long, you will have a much better idea of just how far you can go). Wisecracks about the Groom’s early years, schooling and personality are to be expected from a sibling. Here, a famous brother is in action!

In the past, a groom of 20 with an 18-year-old bride would be considered an ideal couple. Today, education, a degree of female emancipation, and the need to pursue a career have raised the figures by five or even ten years for middle-class city dwellers. Working class couples tend to marry earlier.

You will often find three glasses on your table: a glass for your drink of choice [toast with this glass], a wine glass, and a shot glass for a liquor called 'maotai' or 'wu liang ye.'

Have you ever attended a Buddhist wedding? Did you include Buddhist elements at your own nuptials? Please share your experiences with future brides who may be looking for ideas in the comments below!

Vietnamese wedding speech to parents

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vietnamese wedding speech to parents
vietnamese wedding speech to parents

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