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Leaving cert history essay length

It’s examined so badly it makes me almost as pissed as Irish. This time it has less to do with how it’s taught, and the unwarranted stress put on it (in the case of Irish), and more to do with how narrow the damn test actually is. It’s the biggest hit-or-miss ever. Here’s what I studied

She has been involved in publishing for many years and has authored over twenty history textbooks, mostly on Irish history. Including History in Context, People of the Past and Living History series.

Ireland 1912-1949
Ireland 1949-1989
Northern Ireland 1949-1993
Europe 1920-1945
USA 1945-1989

From left to right –
James Connolly, Irish Socialist and Trade Unionist.
Gustav Stresemann, German politician who played a prominent role in the Weimar Republic.
John F. Kennedy, President of the USA who was assassinated in 1963.
Leon Trotsky, Commander of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War.
Bernadette Devlin, a leading civil rights activist in Northern Ireland.
Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.
Michael Collins, one of the leaders of the Nationalist movement in Ireland during the War of Independence.

Written by Deirdre Morgan. Updated 22nd May  2015.

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1. How successful was the government of Northern Ireland in responding to
social and economic problems, 1949-1969?
2. Why was the choice of Coleraine as the site for Northern Ireland’s second
university controversial?
3. Why did the Civil Rights movement emerge in Northern Ireland and was it
4. What moves were made towards finding a peaceful resolution of the
“Troubles”, 1973-1993?

3. What was the impact on the US economy of one or more of the following: the multinational corporation; the military-industrial complex; international competition from Japan and Europe?

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See the Additional Resources panel for additional topics: Movements for Political and Social Reform, 1870-1914, Division and Realignment in Europe, 1945-1992 and European Retreat from Empire and the Aftermath, 1945-1990.

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Leaving cert history essay length

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leaving cert history essay length
leaving cert history essay length

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