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2g spectrum essay

The judgement of Supreme Court of India on PIL (Public Interest Litigation) put to rest all the speculations by declaring the allotment of spectrum as “unconstitutional and arbitrary” and further canceling all the 122 licenses issued during the tenure served by A. Raja, the prime accused in the scam. It was audited that spectrum licenses in 2008 were issued at 2001 prices as a result of which the mobile subscribers had increased multifold from 4 million to 350 million in a year.

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There have been several cases of manipulation of officials of the Income Tax Department of India for relaxed prosecutions in exchange of bribes. Corruption is prevalent on a large-scale during election times and votes are bought with the help of money.

Bharti Airtel Limited, a part of Bharti Enterprises, is one of the leading providers of telecommunication services with significant presence in India. It has its operations spread over 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and Channel Islands.

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Contents [hide] * 1 Parties involved *  Politicians involved *  Bureaucrats involved *  Corporations involved *  Media persons and lobbyists involved *  Petitioners * 2 Shortfall of money * 3 Relationship between media and government *  Ratan...

However, the special court in New Delhi acquitted all accused in the 2G spectrum case including prime accused A Raja and Kanimozhi on December 21, 2017, [16] the verdict was based on the fact that CBI could not find any evidence against the accused in those 7 years. Per the judgement, "Some people created a scam by artfully arranging a few selected facts and exaggerating things beyond recognition to astronomical levels." [17] [18] CBI and the Enforcement Directorate will appeal against the Special court acquittal verdict in the Delhi High Court . [19] [20]

Much of the credit of bringing this whole scam into public light goes to Dr. Subramanian Swamy who is the chief petitioner for this case in the court of law. [1] * | Parties accused of involvement The selling of the licenses brought attention to three groups of entities – politicians who had the authority to sell licenses, corporations who were buying the licenses, and media professionals who mediated between the politicians and the corporations. Politicians involved * A.

Raja started his political career as a student politician. He is from the Dalit community and quickly rose in party ranks of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. [3]

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2g spectrum essay

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2g spectrum essay
2g spectrum essay

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