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Case study forumias

b) No, it is not right to arrest the principal. Yes aggrieved parents are worried as they lost their children but the action must be taken against culprit and not against administration. If in case, the school didn’t have proper recruitment of drivers then the policemen can take action. It is the responsibility for school administration to co operate with police for enquiry about driver, related documents he submitted during joining and their recruitment process. They need to provide full support to police to find him. Driver needs to be punished not the principal as there is no frequent incidents in school as such

BS-IV engines also require that the sulphur content of the fuel they use be less than 50 part per million (ppm) whereas BS-III ones can run on 350 ppm fuel. “You cannot retrofit these engines as high sulphur can clog the injectors,” said an expert from a prominent car manufacturer on condition of anonymity. “The passenger cars are not a problem, it’s the heavy vehicles and two-wheelers,” he said.

However, to engage with such policy debates, the political establishment must first move beyond a reflexive rejection of the very concept of agricultural tax. Given the optics created by decades of grandstanding, this will perhaps be as difficult as actually implementing a tax. But with the Modi government’s push for a less-cash economy and the proscription of cash transactions of over Rs2 lakh, both making money laundering via the agricultural sector more difficult, this is as good a time as any.

Ministry/Department: DeitY, Ministry of Communication. Implemented by entire government machinery in their respective domains.

Another answer is to SACRIFICE one’s own life. To put one’s life in danger by not agreeing to record the video, and thereby giving the terrorists the option to threaten my life with the failed negotiations. ET CETERA

In this context, discuss your views about role of cinema as a social agent for value inculcation among the children and the youth. Do you think, above views justify stricter control by Censor board over the cinema?

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Sir, can you upload mindmaps for remaining topics of Geography optional… It would be very much useful for us…

Human rights are interdependent, indivisible and interrelated. This means that violating the right to health may often impair the enjoyment of other human rights, such as the rights to education or work, and vice versa. The right to health means that governments must generate conditions in which everyone can be as healthy as possible.

Contest Essay for October - 2012

  1. Indian people vs price hike -Aurag
  2. Your view on foreign direct investment(FDI) -Anueeja
  3. Why SC tells Karnataka to give water to Tamil Nadu immediately? - Kaveri Talari
  4. Does really politics divided the anti-corruption movement(anna hazare/kejriwal) - Rishi Tandon

7. Raju failed to pass SSLC exam. His parents wanted him to pass this exam at any cost. Raju did work hard. He went for tuitions early in the morning a whole

The vigour of PM Narendra Modi’s travels can barely disguise the fact that in terms of India’s security objectives, he is looking very weak indeed.…

Dear IAS BABA (Sir)
how to read and cover syllabus and revise(with answer writing) along with current affairs and optionals after PT with barely 110 guide sir and plz let us know what plans of answer writing and covering of newspapers magazines etc u have after prelim so that it would be beneficial in clearing mains 2015

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Case study forumias

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case study forumias
case study forumias

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