The bubble that turned into a tide: how London got hooked., Gentrification london docklands case study

Gentrification london docklands case study

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That’s my bite-size take at any rate. Not all see it that way, but many would agree that in London, a booming city, gentrification is happening at sometimes alarming speed and presents large challenges, pretty much by definition (including challenges of definition). Last month, the Centre for Cities thinktank tackled the issue in one of its podcasts. In a panel discussion, Shelter’s Toby Lloyd said:

Gentrification is used to describe residents on lower incomes being priced out of their neighbourhood by the arrival of middle class or wealthier people, as rents are pushed up and the original residents are forced to move out.

I spent three months at the market finding scenes that interested me and sat there for many hours capturing it. Ridley Road has an atmosphere I can't describe, I've lived in London 20 years and it's a rare part of east London that hasn't changed much — it just rumbles on and everybody gets on with one another.

Brixton is miles ( km) south-southwest of the geographical centre of London near Lambeth North Underground station . [8] [9]

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 · Growing gentrification in London has resulted in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, and Haringey no longer being among the poorest 20 areas in England.

What's striking about this is how much gentrification is concentrated on just a few areas, typically where there is also a lot of house building—look at the bright red spot over Old Ford, near the Olympic Park, for example. Wander along the canals there and you will see tens of snazzy new apartment buildings and bars, where once there were just knackers yards and abandoned warehouses. The area around Canary Wharf and Spitalfields on the edge of the City is just as marked.

One of the important points to remember about gentrification is that not only are local people displaced from the area by the decants, demolitions and rising property and retail prices, but other people from similar backgrounds and income levels are also prevented from moving to the area.

New maps produced by Dr Alasdair Rae, an expert on urban deprivation based at the University of Sheffield, indicate a significant shift of poor communities out from the centre of the capital. 

Nowadays, many of these houses are being sub-divided into costly flats or ‘houselets’ (in terms of the new real estate snob jargon). The current social status and value of such dwellings are frequently in inverse relation to their size, and in any case enormously inflated by comparison with previous levels in their neighbourhoods. Once this process of ‘gentrification’ starts in a [ … ]

Based on the professions and salaries of those living there, the red areas show places that have gone 'upmarket' and communities that have gone 'downmarket' since 2001.

And the trend is clear. In Camden, where the cool kids of a decade ago moved, the number of people working in the media has fallen since 2001. So too in Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham: West London redoubts such as Notting Hill are all occupied by bankers now. Instead the 22-year-old journalists, playwrights and artisan bakers are moving eastwards. Tower Hamlets and Hackney are where they are ending up.

The map, drawn up by researchers at estate agency Savills, marks areas that have moved upmarket in red, and those that have suffered “reverse gentrification” in blue.

The South Sea Bubble , the all-time benchmark for market irrationality, lasted one year – 1720 – when shares in the South Sea Company rose tenfold and then collapsed. The London property market has been rising, with brief interruptions, since the end of the second world war, when top-end houses cost around £5,000.

There are several approaches that attempt to explain the roots and the reasons behind the spread of gentrification. Bruce London and J. John Palen (1984) compiled a list of five explanations: (1) demographic-ecological, (2) sociocultural, (3) political-economical, (4) community networks, and (5) social movements.

Back in 1968, when Tim and Penny Hicks bought the dilapidated 157 Portland Road for £11,750, the latter's mother was shocked that they had chosen to move their family from up-market Chelsea into an area more known for rag and bone men than bankers.

One by one, many of the working class quarters of London have been invaded by the middle-classes – upper and lower.

Robert Caro publishes The Power Broker , a 1,200-page critique of Robert Moses’ urban renewal projects in New York from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Gentrification london docklands case study

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gentrification london docklands case study
gentrification london docklands case study

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