Essay on Peacock (National Bird of India) - Important India, Essay on peacock feathers in hindi

Essay on peacock feathers in hindi

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The green peafowl differs from the Indian peafowl in that the male has green and gold plumage and black wings with a sheen of blue. Unlike the Indian peafowl, the green peahen is similar to the male, only having shorter upper tail coverts, a more coppery neck, and overall less iridescence.

The bird is celebrated in Indian and Greek mythology and is the national bird of India , and also the "Provincial bird of the Punjab (Pakistan)". The Indian peafowl is listed as of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

As an ornamental bird, the peacock is a staple resident of many of the world’s zoos and has long been famous throughout the Old World. Green peacocks in captivity must be kept apart from other fowl, though, because of their aggressive disposition . Blue peacocks, though native to warm humid climates , can survive northern winters. Green peacocks, however, cannot tolerate much cold.

Walter Crane’s illustration, however, demonstrates his brilliance as a designer. Juno, in elegant profile, sits regally relaxed in her chariot, with a peacock’s tail fanned out behind her. Looking at this crisply opulent vision of antiquity, artis­tically sophisticated yet playful enough to charm the child-reader, you realize why Crane ranks high in this era, a golden age of book illustration.

Types: There are two varieties of peacock, viz. the Indian and the Burmese. The main difference between the two types is that the Indian peacock has a tuft of short feathers on its head to form a half-moon shaped crest, while the Burmese bird has a pointed crest.

Peacocks belong to the pheasant family, Phasianidae. There are three species, or types, of peacock-the blue (or Indian) peacock, the green (or Javanese) peacock, and the Congo peacock. The only peacocks that have trains of tail feathers are the males of the blue and green types.

Indian Peacocks or peafowl have been domesticated for about 3000 years. A common fixture on zoo grounds, animal parks, and many farms and estates around the world, peacocks are among nature's most dramatically beautiful birds. Their native range is through India, Pakistan, western China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Peafowl's preferred habitat in the wild is lowland and foothills with brush and scattered trees which they use for roosting. Related species include pheasants, grouse, guinea fowl, quail, chickens, and other gallinaceous birds. Life expectancy is generally considered to be 15-20 years.

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Peacock also is said to be able to foretell rain, and dances when rain is coming. … and if a peacock cries more than usual, it is said to foretell the death of someone in the family to which it belongs.

The peahen is not so attractive. It is smaller in size. It is a brown bird. It has no colourful feathers. Its legs are rough and ugly.

The peacock is a very beautiful bird. It has a long beautiful neck and crest on its head. Its long feathers have moon-like spots. The colour of peacock is dark greenish blue. The peacock eats fruits, seeds, grains, worms and insects, etc. It generally lives in gardens. It is found also in places where there are large groves of trees. It is very graceful. It dances in rainy season. When the peacock spreads its tail, the tail looks like a big colourful fan. It is a national bird of India .

Suitable males may gather harems of several females, each of which will lay three to five eggs. In fact, wild peafowl often roost in forest trees and gather in groups called parties.

The peacock likes the clouds very much. It dances when there is thunder in the sky. Peacock is found in fields and gardens. They eat grains. They are the friends of the farmers and enemy of the insects. People make decoration pieces with their wings. Peacock is the enemy of the snakes and small insects.

Essay on peacock feathers in hindi

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essay on peacock feathers in hindi
essay on peacock feathers in hindi

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