Email Marketing for Insurance Agents: 6 Ways to Grow Referrals, Insurance email marketing case study

Insurance email marketing case study

Email signatures are traditionally used to prevent you from re-typing your contact information over and over but they present an awesome opportunity for savvy agents like you to put insurance marketing on auto-pilot.

Not only is email one of the most popular apps used by the modern consumer, it’s also one of the most profitable marketing channels.

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Marketing Campaigns integrates with your EZLynx Rating Engine and/or Management System . Agencies are able to follow customers through the full customer life cycle. Manage leads flagged from your email marketing campaigns directly from EZLynx for Outlook and your system.

2.  Write down what makes you different from the agent down the street .  Can’t think of at least 5 things?  Start creating them.  Otherwise your prospect has no choice but to shop based on price.  ( Learn why some insurance agents are getting rich and others aren’t .)

In a nutshell, email is a direct line of communication to your existing policyholders and potential prospects. Not everyone is looking to buy from you right this instance, but when they are, whoever is top-of-mind is most likely going to get a phone call. That’s why email is so powerful. Stay in front of the people who will send you referrals in a good way (not through annoying email spam) and they’ll help your business grow . Be helpful, inspiring, and whatever you do, don’t sell.

AgencyBuzz measures your email campaigns, tracks when a client or prospect interacts with your email, and organizes contacts by line of business and relationship status.

A lot of people believe that email marketing and email newsletters require a lot of technical computer knowledge and that is simply not true.  In fact, if you can work your email, then you can handle this!

Email Marketing for Insurance Salesmen, Email Marketing Software, Insurance Salesmen and Email Marketing. Insurance salesmen can generate and keep business with email ...

MailChimp integrates with all the major e-commerce providers so you can use your purchase data to send personalized campaigns and better understand how your marketing affects your bottom line.

The practice of personalized email greetings is not nearly as effective as it may seem. In fact, research by Temple’s Fox School of Business suggests that  this particular kind of personalization could be harmful .

Agents who can establish a reputation as an expert adviser and consultant will have the most success selling life insurance. Marketing efforts should focus on building trust and credibility with your target audiences. These life insurance marketing ideas will help you do that:

Agency Tsunami’s drip marketing system creates an on-going pipeline, and provides you with a mechanism to engage, share, and communicate with your prospects – paving the way to make the sale. Your web leads will automatically go into the system for follow-up with letters, emails, white papers, to build a “know, like, and trust strategy.

1.) Email marketing software is inexpensive to purchase and easy to implement. People buying the insurance aren’t the only ones looking to save money. So, too, are those selling it! The software necessary to begin email marketing for insurance salesmen fits into any budget and can be managed by anyone with even a little bit of computer expertise. Insurance offices that are looking to minimize expenses won’t have to worry about hiring someone to oversee and manage the program.

Inaccurate data can kill a marketing campaign dead in its tracks. Bad data wastes time, effort and money, and it only increases bounce rates, spam reports and unsubscribes — all things you want to avoid. Too many spam reports and unsubscribe requests can raise a red flag with your email service provider, possibly resulting in account suspension.

Brevity is key in email content because the point of email is to get readers to take a desired action – liking your Facebook page, filling out a quote form, etc. Make sure whatever you write is brief and to the point. The average subscriber reads an email in less than 10 seconds. Make those 10 seconds count by providing persuasive, scan-worthy information and a compelling call to action.

According to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 Response Rate Report , email has the best ROI of all the methods studied, at 124 percent. The cost-per-acquisition is also the lowest, at $. For companies trying to get the most bang for their buck, email can’t be beat.

Insurance email marketing case study

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insurance email marketing case study
insurance email marketing case study

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