Show My Homework: Easy online homework management, Show my homework mackie

Show my homework mackie

Individual pupil and parent login details will be issued to pupils via Tutor Time over the course of the next few days.  A copy of the letter being issued with the login details is attached.  Letter re ShowMyHomework website

Benefits for teachers:
– Set, grade and comment on homework
– View past homework set, ordered by class

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It’s simple. A Satchel holds everything you need in your school day and is with you on your journey through education, just like us.

JFS is now using the Show My Homework platform as a means for teachers, students and parents to track and follow homework.

We hope that this service will provide parents with a deeper insight into the homework your child recieves. More importantly, we hope that it will improve your child’s organisation, time-management, and help them to keep on top of their workload.

Unfortunately, we did not found any user reviews on on the web. That may mean that the domain is not popular enough or well-promoted yet, but it may be still safe and promising.

The Christian Ethos of Archbishop Blanch School is a unique feature of our school. We offer a safe and caring environment in which every student can reach their full potential.

On the behaviour screen once you log in, you will be presented with graphs which represent an overview of your child’s achievement and behaviour data within a customisable timeframe.

Thanks for reporting a problem. We'll attach technical data about this session to help us figure out the issue. Which of these best describes the problem?

Mackie Academy Slug Road Stonehaven Kincardineshire AB39 3DF Telephone 01569 762071 Fax 01569 767287 mackie .aca@ www. mackie .

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To give feedback and inform our development of the system in the future, please contact Mr Tasker at  stasker@ .

Login; Search for your school... The company behind Show My Homework... treating everyone we meet with the warmth and love that makes us Satchel.

Show my homework mackie

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Show My Homework - Mackie Academy

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show my homework mackie
show my homework mackie

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