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Bsc computer science curriculum vitae

You’ll learn foundation skills such as programming and in later years, subjects will include algorithms, databases and logic.

Studying this degree will enable you to gain employment in a variety of fields in the computing industry.

Here are some routes our graduates have pursued:

We will generally make you an offer if your predicted grades are at the top of this range. If your predicted grades are towards the lower end of this range we may still make you an offer if you have a good GCSE (or equivalent) profile or relevant non-academic achievements.

86% of our 2017 graduates reported in the National Student Survey that they were satisfied overall with their BSc Computer Science.

Skills acquired from this course are taught from cutting-edge research, in a supportive learning environment, and are highly  sought after by future employers.

In addition to the above, all students are also required  to successfully complete General Studies modules as  stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency, as well  as fulfill credit requirements for Co-Curricular Activities.

Our programmes are taught by leading researchers who are experts in their fields. The wide-ranging expertise of our teaching staff means you have the chance to explore a large choice of subjects, from artificial intelligence and computer security to parallel systems and mobile computing.

In Chile , the completion of a university program leads to an academic degree as well as a professional title. The academic degree equivalent to Bachelor of Science is " Licenciado en Ciencias ", which can be obtained as a result of completing a 4–6 year program. [8] However, in most cases, 4 year programs will grant a Bachelor of Applied Science (Spanish: "Licenciatura en Ciencias Aplicadas" ) degree, while other 4 year programs will not grant to an academic degree.

Whilst Computer Science is intellectually challenging, the staff in the department will provide you with close academic support. All staff in the Department are research active and have a varied background in a diverse range of interests, and this enhances your experience by providing a rich curriculum with exposure to multiple approaches and areas of research. If you are enthusiastic, inventive and looking to shape the future, this degree is for you.

Do you enjoy programming, or are you convinced you would? Do you want to know how to talk to customers and clients, understand their needs, and be able to specify, design, build and test the software they need? How to work by yourself and also in teams? And do you want to know more about the scientific and theoretical foundations of the subject? If you want to do all these things, and also learn about the principles of coding, underpinning mathematics, mathematical models of computation, operating systems and networks, and professional skills, this is the course for you! 

Because computer science is a wide field, courses required to earn a bachelor of computer science degree vary. A typical list of course requirements includes topics such as: [2]

Every undergraduate taught course has a detailed programme specification document describing the course aims, the course structure, the teaching and learning methods, the learning outcomes and the rules of assessment.

Graduates of this major will have good employment opportunities in the field of information technology. They will be equipped for jobs which involve state-of-the-art technology and design and construction of large software systems. The provision of study streams allows students to pursue specializations in state-of-the-art technology such as data science, cloud computing and mobile applications, further enhancing their career prospect in these areas.

International students: Our Birmingham Foundation Academy offers three undergraduate pathways for international students, allowing you to complete a foundation year before entering into a full time undergraduate degree in computer science. Please click here for further information.

However, computing scientists do not deal with just hardware; they care about everything in between those areas. They design and develop all types of software from the large banking system which allows money to be sent internationally, to the small bit of software which identifies your iPod when you attach it to your laptop.

I use the programming, software development and problem-solving skills that I learnt during my York degree on a daily basis. It is very rewarding to think that the technical skills I learnt at university could give benefit to society.

City's BSc (Hons) Computer Science focuses on how software and programming work can be used to solve real-world problems.

You will graduate with a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science, including an appreciation of the interaction between hardware and software; an understanding of human computer interaction and the sociological impact of information technology; and knowledge of the professional standards and ethics of the computer industry, together with the skills and confidence to react to its ever-increasing rate of change.

Bsc computer science curriculum vitae

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bsc computer science curriculum vitae
bsc computer science curriculum vitae

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