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Game development thesis ideas

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There are three main approaches to game studies: the social science approach asks itself how games affect people and uses tools such as surveys and controlled lab experiments. The humanities approach asks itself what meanings are expressed through games, and uses tools such as ethnography and patient observation. The industrial and engineering approach applies mostly to video games and less to games in general, and examines things such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and networking. [3] Like other media disciplines, such as television and film studies , game studies often involves textual analysis and audience theory .

The style I am most trying to emulate is that of Luke Pearson, the artist behind ‘The End Game’. I am using a similar style with black outlines for the characters and detailed backgrounds, although mine hardly compare to Luke’s incredible level backgrounds in particular.

Become an interactive designer. Become a web designer. Become a game designer. At SCAD, professionals visit with students every quarter, interviewing for positions and reviewing portfolios. Recent visitors include representatives from Zynga, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Crystal Dynamics and Activision. These opportunities reflect our status as one of the world’s most acclaimed universities for the study of interactive design and game development.

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Game development thesis ideas

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Game Thesis

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game development thesis ideas
game development thesis ideas

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