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Case study shop

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Bright Index was used to benchmark contact centre performance. Bright consultants identified specific areas for improvement that would support the Customer First initiative and save money. Shop Direct also invested in Bright Navigator, the Customer Satisfaction tool, to gather and analyse customer feedback, to drive change in advisor behaviour and improve the CSI score.

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The furniture is practical, comfortable and flexible, maximizing the available space. The main seating area is a large harvest table that conveys a community setting.

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Browse through some of our recent campaign successes and discover the ROI Talk Shop has generated for brands including Toyota Canada, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Seventh Generation, Bosa Properties and more.

That list is supposed to be 100 long! This means that only 9 sellers on Etsy have made more than 1,000 sales in the handmade candle category. If that’s not an opportunity, I don’t know what is!

Our case studies of retail store solutions, illustrate some key issues our clients have been able to measure, manage and improve in today’s climate. Click on the relevant retail case study examples below to find out more:

This case study uses the specific examples of France, Slovenia and Thailand to illustrate successful insolvency reforms that can inspire similar efforts elsewhere. These countries introduced and improved restructuring procedures and business reorganization has become an increasingly utilized option for viable firms in financial distress.

Case Analysis - The Body Shop - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf) or view presentation slides online.

Case study shop

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case study shop
case study shop

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