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Spm essay about my future

First of all, I am not looking for "Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome". Character is more important than looks. I cannot deny that I am attracted to good-looking boys, but marrying solely for physical attraction will probably lead to short term pleasure but life-long regret. I have also noticed that handsome boys are often vain and arrogant, which I find most unattractive. One of the main things that I admire in a man is humility. Such a man will not boast about his wealth, intelligence or achievements, but, instead appreciate other people's abilities and achievements. He will also readily admit when he has made a mistake. Such a man would be a joy to live with.

But, goals can't be impractical, they need to be achievable or else you are just setting yourself up for disappointment in the future when these goals are not met... To begin with, my long term goal... Continuing on, my mid term goal... And, much like my mid term goal being crucial to my long term, my short term is crucial in achieving this goal. Lastly, my short term goal...

Or I bug grimaces and see the bizarre pairs of newly-weds, I would perdu how my grace wife be like. One long I can be sure of is that she would not just be any other verdict.

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my essay Pages. Home; Essay 3: ... I will confront a big examination, SPM... This is our future . My dream is to be great neurosurgeons.

Spm essay about my future

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spm essay about my future
spm essay about my future

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