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Itunes u creative writing

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If you’ve successfully completed some relevant postgraduate study elsewhere, you might be able to count it towards this qualification, reducing the number of modules you need to study. You should apply for credit transfer as soon as possible, before you register for your first module. For more details and an application form, visit our Credit Transfer  website.

Detailed application guides for both standard and Educator’s Scholarship applications are  available here .

From videos to polished presentations, students can submit their work directly from supported apps to an assignment in iTunes U. Once projects are handed in, they’re all organized in one place, making it easy to review and grade.

Things that he noticed were much easier included collecting and disseminating assignments. All it takes is a simple post of the materials necessary to the iTunes U homepage and then all his students have what t hey need. Similarly, using various storage apps on the iPad allowed his students to turn in their assignments with a simple click.

Itunes u creative writing

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Itunes u creative writing -

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itunes u creative writing
itunes u creative writing

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