End of the Year/Graduation: Preparations, Communication., End of year graduation speech

End of year graduation speech

Celebrate the end of the year by throwing an end of year beach party to celebrate the children’s preschool graduation.
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As school draws to a close, teachers inevitably turn their attention to end-of-the-year school awards. However, many teachers get stuck using the same ideas for ...

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AND speaking of SUCCESS — Yesterday I graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana with my Master’s degree in Educational Technology Leadership with a GPA! Being able to share the day with my friend and CMS ELA teacher made it even sweeter.

Make a memory book for kindergarten or preschool
Create a kindergarten or preschool memory book by printing a cover page and two pages with the following titles and a place to write and draw a picture. My teacher's name......, My favorite color...., My favorite snack..., My best friend's name..., My favorite trip..., My favorite toy..., etc. Add a self portrait pages with their name, and a teacher's poem page with a picture of the class. Scroll down for teacher poem suggestions.

Cupcakes and popcorn in decorative graduation containers with starts and diplomas are sure to jazz up your end of year party – some of our favorites can be found at CrissyCrafts  HERE !

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Yes it is that time of year again when  schools are having Masses and Liturgies to celebrate graduation and also to ask God’s Blessings on students sitting examinations.

This month, we talked with our Principal Files team about ways in which they recognize their graduates. We learned that the scope of recognition activities is as varied as the graduates themselves!

Spring is finally here.   Very soon we will see the tiny crocuses, daffodils and tulips peeking their heads out of the ground.   The weather is warming up and children want to spend lots of time out-of-doors.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I make a slide show for all my first grade parents at the end of the year. I end with “From This Moment”. Emotional but leaving first grade is….

End of year graduation speech

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End-of-year Graduation Ceremonies: Bloemfontein Campus - 6.

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end of year graduation speech
end of year graduation speech

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