Dissertation Sur La Nature Morte, Dissertation nature morte

Dissertation nature morte

Sir Thomas Malory have spent a lot of time in prison and thus had the opportunity to investigate the mythical figure of King Arthur. As a source for his research he used the enormous cycle of prose romances in French. His idea was to gather these romances and arrange them into one single book, which tells the story of Arthur and his knights. That work is called "Le Morte Darthur" and it brings together not only the Arthurian romances but also different displays of magic and the supernatural.

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Nature Morte Vivante is arguably the most “Dali-esque” painting he has done. He took something as simple and universal as a still life, which artists have been creating and recreating for thousands of years, and put his signature style on it. This painting perfectly captures his theory of nuclear mysticism, and helps to bring it to life and give the public a visual of his theory, Nuclear Mysticism.

Dissertation nature morte

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Dissertation Sur La Nature Morte -

Dissertation Sur La Nature Morte

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dissertation nature morte
dissertation nature morte

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