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Creative writing minor university of alabama

Students must complete at least two upper-division (30000 or 40000 level) courses in the minor at Kent State on a graded basis (A-F).

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Megan McAndrew, Director
Undergraduate Creative Writing & Literature
HUM 1076

The Writing Minor consists of 18 credits. (See “Course Options” below.) For English majors, 9 of the 18 credits must be earned in addition to the 42 needed to fulfill the English major requirement. Thus, an English major with a Writing Minor will be required to complete 51 total credits in English beyond the LAC.

The Creative Writing minor is designed to engage undergraduates in an in-depth study of the craft of creative writing . In addition to sharpening their critical ...

Pepperdine welcomes students from diverse backgrounds to explore Seaver College further through our admissions process and financial assistance programs.

(can be taken in Fall quarter of Freshman year. This provides an introduction to all three genres and prepares you for our other CW courses.)

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NEW : The Creative Writing Program is pleased to offer a third track for the minor in Creative Writing. The Fiction Into Film Track is composed of six courses designed to explore the intersection of literary and screenwriting forms.

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After successful completion of English 223, students should schedule an appointment with an English advisor to declare and make a course plan. Students declared as Creative Writing Minors will receive priority registration for English 323 and 324, so it is important to declare the minor soon after a specialization is selected.

Our literary publication, Zephyrus , is produced by and for WKU students; numerous writing contests (including the English Club’s Goldenrod Poetry Contest  and a genre-rotating contest accompanying the annual Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing ) are offered each year; and the campus and larger community offer a variety of venues for readings, from coffeehouse open-mic nights to more formal occasions, like our annual Senior Reading .

Students in the Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House program who also wish to complete the Creative Writing minor should note the following:

We know from many different sources (CEOs, personnel and graduate school committees) that those students who write well, no matter what their major might be, are the students who get noticed by employers.  The kind of self-examination that the practice of writing encourages, as well as the ability to organize information into narrative, expressive and communicative forms, will always make candidates stand out.  We hope, as a side effect, to also attract students who might want to work at the intersections of, say, Neuroscience and the Humanities, or students who want to think about and articulate the kind of complex relationships a more connected world creates.

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This minor provides theoretical and historical background and models to assist students as they develop their own creative writing abilities.

The Creative Writing Minor requires five courses (15 hours), including one 300-level literature course offered by the English department. The remaining four courses consist of creative writing workshops offered by the English department (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction) or cross-listed with the minor (playwriting and screenwriting); at least two of these must be at the 300 level. English majors may earn a Creative Writing Minor by taking four creative writing courses (at least two at the 300 level) exclusive of courses used to complete the major.

Founded In 1996 by members of the UW-La Crosse English department,  Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review  is a nationally-distributed annual literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork from writers and artists around the world. Students enrolled in English 320 (Literary Journal Production) work as editors and readers to select engaging works from established prize-winning writers as well as from new and emerging writers. The process is overseen by a professor who has experience in creative writing and publishing. The  Steam Ticket  staff commits itself to celebrating diversity in the selections of its content. 

Creative writing minor university of alabama

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creative writing minor university of alabama
creative writing minor university of alabama

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