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Essay on solar system for class 5th

SOLAR SYSTEM About 5 Billion years ago, y There was no Sun, no Earth& no Moon y Only cosmic dust and gasses drifted in the darkness of space SOLAR SYSTEM

It was five billion years ago. A giant cloud of matter in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, condensed under its gravity, exploding in nuclear fusion.

Gravity, without any gravity the earth will move in a straight line out of the solar system. Do you want to know what will happened to us?We will be floating around earth or even out of space; you will not even eat, nor drink everything will be floating around like a bubble.

Answers : Scientists believe there are trillions of other stars like the Sun, which have their own solar systems. It’s quite possible that some of these solar systems may contain life.

Solar energy has many applications and uses in the modern age. It includes cooling and heating, cooking, air-conditioning, generation of electricity and solar vehicles. There are many advantages associated with the solar energy such as no pollution, long life and availability in remote areas like desert, mountains and forests. Solar energy is very cheap as compared to the fossil fuels over the longer period; however, the initial cost of silicon wafer is little high that becomes a major constraint in the spread of solar energy.

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The Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. The Mars is the neighboring planet of the earth. The barren land on the Mars appears reddish in colour, so it is also called a red planet. It has summer and winter seasons. It takes 687 earth's days to complete one revolution. It has two satellites named Photos and Demos.

The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity. The United Nations Development Programme in its 2000 World Energy Assessment found that the annual potential of solar energy was 1,575–49,837 exajoules (EJ). This is several times larger than the total world energy consumption , which was  EJ in 2012. [3] [4]

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The Solar System is very big and Jupiter is the largest of all planets. Astronomy tells us so much about these celestial bodies. The Earth is the only planet known to support life. Researches are going on experimenting life on Mars. The chances seem bleak. Man continues his quest to know more about the planets. With every technological innovation and scientific invention, man is taking a step forward towards quenching his thirst for knowing the unknown.

There are eight planets in the Solar System. From closest to farthest from the Sun, they are: Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptune . The first four planets are called terrestrial planets . They are mostly made of rock and metal , and they are mostly solid . The last four planets are called gas giants . This is because they are much larger than other planets and are mostly made of gas .

The result of the planets trying to fly away, at the same time that the Sun is trying to pull them inward is that they become trapped half-way in between. Balanced between flying towards the Sun and escaping into space, they spend eternity orbiting around their parent star.

The immense gravitational pull of Sun keeps the planets rotating around it in definite orbits. Sun together with the planets were formed essentially at the same time and from the same primordial material. This is evident from the orderly revolution of all nine planets along Sun's equatorial plane. The most acceptable theory of planetary evolution is the nebular hypothesis.

Essay on solar system for class 5th

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essay on solar system for class 5th
essay on solar system for class 5th

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