Determination and Speciation of Arsenic in Environmental., Icp-ms thesis

Icp-ms thesis

To date, the occurrence of dimethyl thallium cation Me 2 Tl – an organic species of thallium – in marine ecosystems has only been revealed by a few investigations. Schedlbauer and Heumann were the first to present evidence of its occurrence, in 1999 (Schedlbauer, ., 2000).

Research performed by the Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR after August 2016 is supported by the National Science Foundation under our current grant number 1621158. Earlier research was supported by several NSF grants including the following: 1415403, 1110793, 8801707, 9102016, 9503035, 9802366, 9977237, 0102325, 0405042, 0504015, 0802757, 0922374, and 0802757. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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Elemental Analyses by ICP-AES Henry Gong, Senior Analytical Chemist September 10, 2008 . Materials Characterization Lab /mcl ... Go to ICP-MS .

The article was received on 16 Jan 2009, accepted on 11 Jun 2009 and first published on 29 Jun 2009

In cell mode, a gas (such as helium, ammonia, etc.) is introduced to a pressurised cell before the analytical quadrupole. In this collision/reaction cell, fast gas-phase kinetic energy processes and predictable chemical reactions take place. Interferences are then removed from the cell by a quadrupole while the analyte ions are allowed to pass through the reaction cell. 

The article was received on 27 Jan 2012, accepted on 12 Apr 2012 and first published on 23 Apr 2012

The article was received on 28 Jan 2011, accepted on 07 Mar 2011 and first published on 01 Apr 2011

Icp-ms thesis

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Distribution of Major and Trace Elements in Ash Particles.

Elemental Analyses by ICP-AES

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icp-ms thesis
icp-ms thesis

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