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Title ix research paper

“Title IX requires no such reduction in opportunities for men. The foundation is not in favor of reducing athletic opportunities for men as the preferred method of achieving Title IX

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Signed and passed in 1972, Title IX became a part of the United States Education Amendment of 1972. Since the enactment of Title IX in 1972, women have come a long way to balance out the social injustices they faced in society.

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Clearly this is grossly unfair to males as more males are interested in competing in collegiate sports than women. The law would be much fairer if it took into account that the ratio of men and women who wish to participate in collegiate sports at the intercollegiate level, rather than the whole undergraduate student body which is now made up of 54% female students. When Title IX was first introduced women were the underrepresented sex in the classroom.

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Part 1: Unfortunately, I had my scholarship as well as my fellow male teammates’ scholarships cut at Nicholls State University so that the athletic program would be NCAA Title IX compliant.

Title IX Title IX is part of the Education Amendments passed in 1972 by the . government. ... Title IX is enforced by the Office of Civil Rights (civil rights). ... When Title IX was first put into place it was rejected by most people (Hay). ... Schools can comply with Title IX in three ways. ... Title IX has come along way since it's start in 1972. ...

A Title IX research paper can also be an in-depth discussion of how women’s advocacy groups are pushing not just for equity in athletics, but for superiority and preference in numbers. Some outspoken advocates around the country have filed lawsuits or threatened to do so, to win their point. Meanwhile, colleges have dropped men’s sports to avoid the lawsuits and make a “gender-equity” statement. The Title IX research paper may point to many shocking examples in which men’s sports have been dropped for no good reason because of vocal interference by female advocacy groups.

This was the political climate out of which Title IX was born. Hoping to build on the momentum gained by the special hearings a year before, Representative Edith Green made an unsuccessful attempt to add a ban on sex-based discrimination to the 1971 Education Amendments. The next year, in an attempt to derail the renewal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, conservative Southern congressmen added gender to the categories protected against discrimination. They hoped that the idea of equal opportunities for women would be distasteful enough to prevent the passage of the entire bill (Suggs, 2002). To their chagrin, the legislation was passed and Title IX became law.

Title ix research paper

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title ix research paper
title ix research paper

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