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Drunk driving term paper

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Drunk Driving Is Conniving Drunk Driving is becoming a major concern in our society today. Drunk driving is not a funny thing. It has killed

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Drunk driving is said to cost the United States more than $132 billion each year. Additionally, more than million Americans admitted to drunk driving in 2013, more than the entire population of Texas. Fortunately, drunk driving deaths have been cut in half in the United States since 1980, which many attribute to the founding of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has consistently lobbied for more aggressive enforcement, including routine sobriety stops by police in the effort to identify intoxicated drivers and prevent another tragedy at the hands of drunk driving.

Despite the strict sanctions placed to curb it, drunk driving continues to be an unwavering predicament in most states. The number of offenders taken to custody by the police is rising by the day; with matters being made worse by the escalating number of underage drinkers. Many solutions have been put forth in an effort to reduce drunk driving and consequently reduce the number of road carnages. The persistence of the problem however calls for improved solutions. This paper forms a discussion on drunk driving and current prevention strategies; and proposes solutions to the unrelenting problem.

After consumption of alcohol, the brain functions are impaired leading to lack of judgment and other cognitive applications of the brain. The brain eventually takes longer to execute cognitive functions such as the movements observed by the eyes into reception by the brain for execution or relevant actions. Hence, information is processed at a relatively slower pace than in normal instances in comparison to normal instances. In normal instances, all bodily functions such as sight and muscle movements are relayed from the brain in relatively high speeds. Studies indicate that the consumption of alcohol reduces the cognitive functions of the brain by an approximate 10-30% (Knox, 11).

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Drunk driving is a serious issue , which leads to severe consequences. Students have to be taught and educated on this issue starting from school. Before person reaches 16, he or she must know how precious life is and how to take full responsibility for his/her actions.

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This paper addresses Arizona's experience with sanctions available, research and. Paper are those of the author and not necessarily those of the National Highway. Likewise having a BAC over the aggravated DUI threshold reduces recidivism by.

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Drunk driving term paper

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drunk driving term paper
drunk driving term paper

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