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Clara Bow's parents, Robert and Sarah Bow, never wanted to have any children in the first place; Sarah had two miscarriages before Clara came.

Gary Cooper, four years older than Bow, is best known for his later roles — Longfellow Deeds, John Doe, Lou Gehrig, Alvin York — thoughtful, sensitive men of few words (Cooper reportedly shortened lines of dialogue in some films to the more succinct “yep” and “nope”), characters who were somewhat naive or possessed of an awkward, unvarnished innocence. Hick, hobo, hero—he played a common man that both men and women could relate to, the best-looking man in the room who has no understanding of the power that offers. He had a beautiful, expressive face that could break hearts with a pursed lip or a flickering shadow that would cross his wide-set, haunted eyes.

Two years after marrying actor Rex Bell in 1931, Bow retired from acting and became a rancher in Nevada . Her final film, Hoop-La , was released in 1933. In September 1965, Bow died of a heart attack at the age of 60.

Movies popularized the image of the fun-loving and free-thinking woman throughout the US and Europe. The 1920 movie The Flapper introduced the term in the United States. The title character, Ginger, was a wayward girl who flouted the rules of society. Played by Olive Thomas, a former Ziegfeld Girl (left), Ginger had so much fun that a generation of lonely young women wanted to be like her. Another role model was stage and screen actress Louise Brooks (right), who also modeled for artists and fashion designers. She was the inspiration for the flapper comic strip Dixie Dugan .

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The speed of change during the 1920s was dizzying. Booming prosperity and social upheaval combined with a youthful, post-war euphoria and new female empowerment to make the 1920s paradigm-shifting, boundary-busting decade. “The generation before them had been slaughtered in the war, and there was a devil-may-care attitude,” Nothdruft says. And like the musical genre it was named after, the Jazz Age was full of unruly spontaneity, improvisation and edginess. “Jazz was the sound of the ‘20s, and the rhythms and beats of the music permeate the visual.”

1 & 2. Silent Era film stars such as Louise Brooks and Anna May Wong were known for the bob and shingle cut (a bob haircut with a tapered back).

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Collected commentary . "Modern youth" is studied, berated, and praised in this commentary from editorials, headlines, cartoons, humor, fiction, a sociological study, a clergyman's reflections, and musings from the Jazz Age spokesman, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Selections can be divided among students for research and classroom discussion. What characteristics of modern youth—real and assumed—received the most attention? Why? How does the Twenties' discussion about young people resemble today's? How does it differ? (11 pp.)

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In addition to a booklet with an essay by biographer David Stenn, the disc contains a solid hour-long documentary on the life and career of Clara Bow, narrated by Courtney Love. Bow’s life was fraught with hardship from a young age, as her parents routinely abused her and deplored the idea that she wanted to become an actor. Bow’s career during the silent era is given the most attention, with clips from her various features. Like many other silent stars, Bow’s transition to talkies was rocky; she made her last feature in 1933. The doc’s perspective is a good primer on how studio stars, especially women, were routinely cast aside once their initial fame dwindled.

“Hot Dogs that Sizzle and Satisfy!” – heh, not only a perfectly natural advert for the fair, but also quite risque in subtext. Those filmmakers knew what they were doing.

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See also Modern City in Film , Felix the Cat animated cartoons , and Detroit News newsreels . For other films included in BECOMING MODERN, see the All-Texts List by Genre .

Thanks to technological advances like the compact case, blush or rouge as they called it became more portable. Women would apply bluish by hand in a circular shape rather than along the cheekbones as we do today.

Clara bow essay

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clara bow essay
clara bow essay

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