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Essay about aircraft maintenance

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World War II was the most devastating conflict in the entire history of mankind. This war involved most of the nations in the world and almost all of the nations' resources were devoted to the war effort, making it a disastrous and deadly global war that greatly affected the planet. One significant aspect of World War II was the number of deaths and casualties that occurred during the process. Many weapons had caused this and one of the most important factors was planes. Planes had their undeniable role in the killing of human beings and turned World War II into a completely different war with their improved capabilities.

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 · History Of Airplanes And How It Changed World History Essay... The history of airplanes and how it ... He first wanted to manufacture an aircraft ...

For the ten-year period 2002 to 2011, fatal accidents happened per one million flights globally, per million hours flown, fatalities per one million flights or per million hours flown. [3]

After initiating production with the basic model, Short marketed a number of 360 developments. First was the 360 Advanced , in late 1985, with 1,424 shp (1,062 kW) PT6A-65-AR engines. That was followed by the 360/300 , in March 1987, with six-blade propellers, more powerful PT6A-67R engines, and aerodynamic improvements, giving a higher cruise speed and improved "hot and high" performance. The 360/300 was also built in 360/300F freighter configuration.

Before boarding the plane, passengers and pilots must be inspected to ensure they are not carrying any dangerous objects. Anti-terrorism measures, especially, are important in aviation safety. Suspected terrorists, criminals or other threats must not be allowed to board the plane, and often flights may be delayed for further inspection. Pilots, co-pilots and other aircraft employees should also be assessed for health, awareness, sight, hearing and sobriety. Investigators and safety regulators are appointed to manage and maintain the safety standards for all aircraft, though they are more attentive to commercial aircraft than private.

Date: 24 August 2001
Location: Terceira Airport, Azores
Aircraft: Airbus A330-243
Accident type: Maintenance error

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Essay about aircraft maintenance

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essay about aircraft maintenance
essay about aircraft maintenance

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