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Case study katrina

A hurricane is an extreme low-pressure climatic hazard that forms where sea temperatures are over 26°C (see map). They have a spinning circulation due to Coriolis effect .

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The First Four Days • Tropical Depression Twelve • Tropical Storm Katrina • Category 1 hurricane • Weakens to tropical storm • Strengthens to Category 2 ...

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Hurricane Katrina was a powerful and deadly storm. Katrina is the costliest storm and the third deadliest storm in . history. Based on the size of the area impacted and the number of people affected, Katrina was one of the largest natural disasters in the history of the United States. The effects of Katrina on the costal communities of Louisiana and Mississippi and the city of New Orleans can still be clearly seen 5 years after the storm made landfall.

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The failures involved government agencies and the military at all levels, not just FEMA. But FEMA was the organization most responsible for disaster response. What happened to it? It seemed to have performed reasonably well the previous year when four hurricanes struck Florida (though there were charges of gross mismanagement in the dispersal of funds). A review of its history is not encouraging, and will offer some possible explanations for its failures in 2005.

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Hurricane Katrina tracked over the Gulf of Mexico and hit New Orleans, a coastal city with huge areas below sea-level which were protected by defence walls, called levees. The hurricane’s storm surge, combined with huge waves generated by the wind, pushed up water levels around the city.

Case study katrina

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Hurricane Katrina Case Study 2 | Hurricane Katrina.

Case Study: Hurricane Katrina

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case study katrina
case study katrina

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