University of Plymouth, Plymouth university coursework front cover sheet

Plymouth university coursework front cover sheet

For those seeking student nightlife, there are a variety of bars a short distance from our student accommodation. Such as The Skiving Scholar and the Barbican  both about 10-minutes’ walk away. There's also a selection of live music venues like the Live Lounge and The Cider Press , hosting a range of bands and open mic nights.

The university was originally a Polytechnic Institute , with its constituent bodies being Plymouth Polytechnic, Rolle College , the Exeter College of Art and Design (which were, before April 1989, run by Devon County Council ) and Seale-Hayne College (which before April 1989 was an independent charity). It was renamed Polytechnic South West in 1989 and remained as this until gaining university status in 1992 along with the other polytechnics. The new university absorbed the Plymouth School of Maritime Studies.

Students are able to study from anywhere in the world using MLA's accessible e-learning platforms. See here how our teaching and learning materials are delivered . For those working at sea for long periods of time, regular internet access is not required and our cutting-edge teaching and learning materials can all be accessed without a continuous connection to the World Wide Web.

Plymouth was awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2012 for its worldwide reputation for marine and maritime education and research and 11 subjects were recently rated among the top ten in the UK for student satisfaction. The city is also ranked 11th in the UK for most cost-effective places to study. Over 12,000 Plymouth University students per year benefit from placements and work-based learning.

Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE

Please visit the links to individual staff members' webpages below for more information about their role, their teaching, their research interests, and for their contact details.​

The city is home to 264,200 (mid-2016 est.) people, making it the 30th-most populous built-up area in the United Kingdom and the second-largest city in the South West, after Bristol . It is governed locally by Plymouth City Council and is represented nationally by three MPs . Plymouth's economy remains strongly influenced by shipbuilding and seafaring including ferry links to Brittany ( Roscoff and St Malo ) and Spain ( Santander ), but has tended toward a service-based economy since the 1990s. It has the largest operational naval base in Western Europe – HMNB Devonport and is home to Plymouth University .

The National Student Survey (NSS) and Student Perception Questionnaire (SPQ) campaigns run until Monday 30 April and all eligible University of Plymouth students are invited to participate.

Distance learning is increasingly popular and one of the reasons is the growing number of free courses being offered online

Plymouth has embedded sustainability across its operations, and is the overall best performing university in the People & Planet Green League. It is the first modern university to found a medical and dental school - the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry - and is the leading provider of Higher Education in Cornwall.

We are a university defined by our world-leading research in many key areas; our research-informed teaching; our commitment to nurturing talent wherever it is found; and our benchmark-setting approach to embedding sustainability and enterprise into all that we do. We have both high hopes for, and expectations of our students, who are the custodians and co-creators of our student experience.

Plymouth university coursework front cover sheet

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plymouth university coursework front cover sheet
plymouth university coursework front cover sheet

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