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Case study gsk

The main challenge on this project was that the original shut down availability was reduced from six to four weeks. This was an incredibly short timescale, however the project was managed in such a way that this didn’t become a major issue.

"The GlaxoSmithKline (China) bribery case in China shows the complex and arduous nature of the struggle against commercial corruption... Striking hard against the commercial bribery of multinational companies has important significance for safeguarding the market's economic order and maintaining a fair and competitive environment," the People's Daily comments.

The initial driver to the Partnership programme was from senior managers wishing to raise the profile of health and safety across the site, and has been well supported and resourced. The programme was given a further boost when the site became subject to additional requirements under the new COMAH Regulations.

Biotelemetry is the remote and continuous assessment of physical and physiological characteristics. This is becoming a useful tool in clinical trials, allowing GSK to collect patient data in real time. It helps to provide continuous evaluation and thus contributes to fuller records than single-point assessments could provide, while also removing the inconvenience to patients of having to adapt their schedule to accommodate assessments and clinic visits.

SmithKline did not properly defend its product, and Zantac achieved a 42% global market share, with sales amounting to US$1 billion by 1989. {16}

GSK and the University of Nottingham are collaborating to establish a Centre of Excellence for sustainable chemistry and to construct a Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry on the university’s Jubilee Campus.

One of the key success criteria has been the establishment of site based core teams, who are made up from a mixed discipline of skills ranging from Project management, Project Engineers, Construction Managers, Design Engineers, Commissioning/Validation, Planning and Commercial Support.

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The CEO of a company based in the USA with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom is contemplating moving some of its operations to China but has read about the GSK bribery scandal in China. The CEO understands that the climate for foreign companies operating in China is not as welcoming as it used to be. The CEO is now asking his manager for international business to assess the GSK case, analyze the issues it presents. In particular the CEO wants to know what lessons his company can learn and how the company can reduce its risks when operating in China. The CEO handed his manager this list of questions:

GSK has pursued a greenfield venture as its entry strategy in Singapore. The firm has decided to spend 190 million to build a new plant. The reasons stated for its choice of Singapore are availability of highly educated employees, sound economy and provision of government incentives.

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In 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to promotion of drugs for unapproved uses, failure to report safety data, and kickbacks to physicians in the United States and agreed to pay a $3 billion (£) settlement, the largest settlement in the country by a drug company. [10]

In order to ensure they are hiring talent whose personal values are aligned with the company’s, Teo says all new recruits are asked to share their thoughts in four categories.

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Patent Pools . Company image was probably one factor in GSK's decision to create a patents pool for neglected tropical diseases, aggregating intellectual property ...

"By making this information publicly available, GSK hopes that many other scientists will review this information and analyse the data faster than we could on our own. Hopefully, this will lead to additional research that could help drive the discovery of new medicines. We would also encourage other groups, including academics and pharmaceutical companies, to make their own compounds and related information publicly available.

This is essentially an example of ‘open source’ being applied to drug discovery. We know that data increases in value when connected with other data and that the more eyes looking at a problem, the more potential solutions may arise."

Case study gsk

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Case study - GlaxoSmithKline

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case study gsk
case study gsk

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