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Graduation speech themes 2014

Celebrate the days of success and always prepare for the challenges that meet each of us as we venture through life. For although we may consciously make the most positive of decisions day-to-day, you and I KNOW that there will always be hard days. It is during the times of success that people will know our name, and it is during times of trouble that people will know our character.

The speeches made on this day have their very own significance and they are a crucial part of the ceremony. Some speeches are so remarkable that it imprints on peoples’ minds for a lifetime, while there are others that you just hear and forget them the next day. Be it a high school or a college graduation the person giving the speech makes sure that they grab their audience’s attention and not leave a moment in between unattended. Normally it’s the valedictorian, class president or the class speaker who gives the speech. Advertisement

How does this relate to you? First, you must decide who will make up your audience. In a graduation speech, you are addressing your fellow classmates. However, parents, grandparents, teachers and administrators will also be present.

Once you have thought about all the graduation speech themes to choose from, pick one. Having a theme will give you a good basis for a speech that will captivate your audience and keep it organized. As you work on your speech, here are some powerful elements to incorporate:

Occasionally, a hilarious and thought-provoking speech will make its way through all the tedious talking. Whether it's from a comedian guest speaker or a valedictorian who is more than just book smart, they always leave a lasting impression.

Trek to Teach is a nonprofit organization that sends fluent English speakers to teach in Nepal near the Himalayas. In addition to teaching, Trek to Teach strengthens local communities by helping schools build infrastructure, paint their classrooms, and find furniture.

2. Personalize general themes. What personal experiences, wishes, ideas, thoughts, advices come into your mind when you see these commencement speech topics:

A few simple pointers to keep in mind about giving a high school graduation speech are...

  • Keep it short
  • Make it personal (share a school-related story)
  • Use humor
  • Leave your fellow students inspired

From  twenty-three years  of analyzing commencement addresses, I offer five suggestions on how to join those who do it best, those who see clearly into the eyes and the hearts of young men and women eager to apply whatever it is they have learned in whatever honorable way they can to whatever it is that is out there.

My fellow graduates. Over the last four years here at [Insert name of high school.], we have learned a lot. Mr. [Insert name of math teacher.] taught us how to [Insert a complicated sounding math thing.]. Ms. [Insert name of English teacher.] taught us [Insert interesting tidbit from a favorite piece of literature.]. And Mr. [Insert name of widely known funny, popular teacher.] taught us [Insert something odd that parents might be surprised to learn. For example maybe he taught you how to swear in Portuguese. Or maybe he taught you the best way to approach a girl at a dance. Make it funny but revealing about a beloved teacher.].

1. "People talk about getting lucky breaks in their careers. I'm living proof that the 'lucky breaks' theory is simply wrong. You get to make your own luck... The world is run by those who show up...not those who wait to be asked." -- Steve Blank, Philadelphia University, 2011

That’s what a college education is about, according to him. It’s learning how to think, exercising some degree of control over your thoughts so you can choose what to pay attention to.

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What is a Valedictorian or Graduation Speech?

Let's define this first, as this will assist in identifying what should make up such a speech.

A Valedictorian or Graduation Speech is

- A closing or farewell statement, address or oration, especially
one delivered at a graduation ceremony
- An oration or address spoken at commencement in American
colleges or seminaries by one of the graduating class.

Once you pick a preschool graduation theme, you need to plan how to implement it into the ceremony or party. These tips will help get you started:

The valedictorian is the student usually having the highest rank in a graduating class. She or he delivers the valedictory address. For more specific information on this matter read my checklist for developing the valedictorian appeals .

3. Use humor to keep your audience interested in what you're saying. Or take a quote and apply it to your classmates and what you've experienced together during your school years.

Graduation speech themes 2014

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graduation speech themes 2014
graduation speech themes 2014

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