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Minibeast maths homework

Juliet’s first early years book… all about maths outdoors. Read more about it here and feel free to ask questions directly.

A resource pack to teach comparing two sets of quantities for FS2. Not only did it include some interesting garden superheroes but it also lent itself to some.

Minibeast worksheets for EY's/KS1 (no rating) ... missing numbers, repeating patterns, phonics, matching to habitats, minibeast ... Also topic plan and some maths ...

A super activity booklet for 5 to 12 year olds to introduce children to the world of invertebrates (minibeasts). It includes teachers' notes and worksheets.

Explore the world of invertebrates, insects and other minibeasts with our crafts, printables, puzzles and other fun activities. Whether it is ants, spiders, butterflies, slugs, snails, frogs or any other little "creepy crawlies" that you are interested in, you should find some inspiration here!

The Reception Maths Learning Journey is a course of 40 worksheets that cover all the key topics in the numeracy curriculum for Reception Year.

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Some parents think homework must be a ‘good thing’, without being quite sure why. They may have read it in the Daily Mail, or they may be of the “I had to do it and it never did me any harm” school of thought, in which case what’s wrong with flogging and outside lavatories?

Our very latest pages look at place value and how many different numbers can be made using counters in a place value grid, as well as practising reading and writing numbers to at least one hundred in numbers and words.
Finally, take some time out to play the maths games such as Nim which originated in China. They are great at developing logical thinking and developing a winning strategy. You should never lose if you go first!
These pages really are not to be missed and we thoroughly recommend them.

The Early Years Foundation Stage was introduced in September 2008 and is the period of education from birth to 5 years. It has now been revised and the new curriculum has been in place since September 2012.  In the new curriculum there are three Prime areas of learning which are fundamental to learning and development:

Add the Daffodils NEW!
St. David's Day  | Maths (EYFS)  | Colouring in Pictures  

We have had several requests for more worksheets on money, in particular using notes. So we have just produced colourful sets of adding notes valued at £5, £10, £20 and £50, as well as adding a mixture of notes and £1 and £2 coins. These can be found in our Year 2 Money category. They are also very good practice at counting in fives, tens, twenties and fifties.

Minibeasts are split into three main sub-groups or classifications: arthropods, molluscs and annelids . Arthropods include insects , arachnids ( spiders ), crustaceans (which have a hard shell or case on the outside) and miriapods (creatures with lots of legs). Molluscs often have a shell like a snail, while annelids are worms.

If your child is in year 2, you may be aware that in May they’ll be taking their End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments (often referred to as SAT’s). These are compulsory national tests which reflect the National Curriculum for English and Maths. Our teacher, Ms Latham helps parents de-mystify SATs.

Minibeast maths homework

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Minibeasts for KS1 and KS2 children | Minibeasts homework.

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minibeast maths homework
minibeast maths homework

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