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One child policy essay thesis

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Many problems arise when the population is too high. The country simply cannot accommodate for all those people. In the 1982 census, almost ј of the nation were illiterate. 80% of the population lived in the countryside back then. Most of the people are therefore undereducated peasants in the labor force (Matthews 35). Population control is the only plausible solution.

The most recent estimate from the United Nations says we’ll reach a population of billion by 2050. And we just reached the population milestone of 7 billion in 2011, meaning it will take just less than 40 years to increase our population by almost 3 billion people All of this from a world population of about 1 billion in 1800. China now constitutes 19 percent of the world population, and so a change in the country’s fertility rate will likely bring about that billion even sooner.

Girls in China receive
far less attention and resources than boys and are
deemed an insignificant role in society. There are
always those women that do not really care whether
they have a boy or girl, but it is their husbands
who force them to abort the child. There have been
several cases where a wife has been brutally
beaten by her husband just so she would abort her
child. (Wong 1995:3) The men take having a male
child a lot more seriously than the women. In some
cases the husband forces the wife to go into
hiding when she is about to give birth. This way
no one knows that she gave birth.

at the present time. Still, they were bound and determined to have a baby girl, in spite of the fact that a significant amount of...

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Since the crude birth rate is not correlated with the growth of GDP per capita, there is no population theory which is totally supported in the analysis of China. Although China was not facing a Malthusian dynamic of overpopulation and diminishing return of labour dynamics, it is essential for the implementation of the One-Child Policy. If the population was not controlled and continued to increase, China would soon have to face the problems associated with overpopulation and diminishing return to labour.

The One-child Policy in China ZhangYi (Joyce) China Agricultural University International College of Beijing Abstract There is a very popular policy in China which ...

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For the Dissertation, I am going to discuss the effects of China's One-Child policy. The Literature Review will allow me to explain in depth, the views of authors in various pieces of literature, in and around this topic. I will be analysing the key themes in the texts and comparing their different points of views for each of the main themes of the Dissertation.

On October 29, 2015, it was reported that the existing law would be changed to a two-child policy , citing a statement from the Communist Party of China . The new law became effective on January 1, 2016, following its passage in the standing committee of the National People's Congress on December 27, 2015.

Demick, B. (2012) China one-child policy leads to forced abortions, mothers’ death. The LA Times.  Retrieved from: http:///2012/jun/15/world/la-fg-china-abortions-20120616

One child policy essay thesis

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one child policy essay thesis
one child policy essay thesis

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