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Citing pictures in research paper

But suppose you are an impoverished grad student who can’t afford a plane ticket to New York to see the painting in person. Fortunately, the museum has an excellent website where you can view the painting. In that case, use the website in the location element of your reference:

*The names of the author should be listed in the same order as it is written in the source. Use ampersand (&) instead of “and.”  

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is most commonly used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities. This resource, updated to ...

Such documents also typically come from a repository with authoritative metadata about the works. And the citing of that information in articles for images, when it would be cited if in the form of text, would improve the reliability of the documents and the article. For example, is this image of the purported David Wills letter inviting Lincoln to give an address at Gettysburg, as displayed in the article, simply uploaded by a descendant on their own authority, or is it a national treasure cataloged and held by the Library of Congress? It is the latter, and a citation would not only make that clear, but direct readers to a repository with further research materials.

If an image is untitled, create a brief, descriptive title for it. Do not italicize this title or place it in quotes, and capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns.

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Determine if you can use image ethically. Did you find it via a search engine? Find the original source. Find images that have copyright and other information so that they can be used legally.

Essay Author’s Last name, First Initial. (Year). Essay title. In Editor’s First Initial Last Name (Ed.), Book title (pp. # - #). Place: Publisher.

When viewing photographs or other static images in museums, a plaque near the photo will have the information that’s used in the citation.

The Departments at Willamette University use a variety of citation style guides. This guide links to examples of in-text citations (within the paper) and bibliography/reference lists (at the end of the paper) of the most commonly used citation styles at Willamette. Printed style guides are in the Citation Style Guide Collection by the reference desk in the Hatfield Library.

Use the following template to cite a photograph using the APA citation format.  This style guide should work for both digital and analog photographs.  We also provide style guides for the MLA , Chicago , and Turabian styles. To have your bibliography or works cited list automatically made for you, check out our free APA citation generator .

Citing pictures in research paper

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citing pictures in research paper
citing pictures in research paper

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