National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML), Marine mammal research paper topics

Marine mammal research paper topics

In response to this situation, ODFW has been using limited state program funds along with funding support from NMFS to study pinnipeds in Oregon. Our research has been focused in three areas: (1) assessment of population status and trends; (2) description of food habits and foraging behaviors; and (3) examination of site-specific situations where locally abundant pinnipeds might have a negative impact on depleted fishery resources.

The members of MUCRU work to deliver rigorous applied and fundamental research projects. Research Capabilities We specialise in peer reviewed published research in the fields of marine mammal science and conservation.

The Center of Expertise in Marine Mammalogy (CEMAM): grouping DFO science experts working on a wide variety of innovative scientific projects to obtain information on the dynamics, ecology, habitat, migration and health of marine mammals from coast to coast.

Save Whale Tail
Save Whale Tail project involes schools and the community to be part of the ‘Sea of Whale Tails’ celebrating the importance of these marine mammals to Australian waters.
Community members, school leaders and students from local Public School will help create “A Sea of Whale Tails”. Cut out, colour and decorate your tail. Everyone place a whale tail to create the ‘Sea of Whale Tails’ art installation.

Pinnipeds split from other caniforms 50 mya during the Eocene . Their evolutionary link to terrestrial mammals was unknown until the 2007 discovery of † Puijila darwini in early Miocene deposits in Nunavut , Canada. Like a modern otter, † Puijila had a long tail, short limbs and webbed feet instead of flippers. [22] The lineages of Otariidae (eared seals) and Odobenidae (walrus) split almost 28 mya. [23] Phocids (earless seals) are known to have existed for at least 15 mya, [24] and molecular evidence supports a divergence of the Monachinae (monk seals) and Phocinae lineages 22 mya. [23]

Proposals in FY18 will follow the submission requirements detailed on the proposal requirements page . Invitations to submit full proposals will be based on the review of a 3-page pre-proposal, and grants will be awarded to invited applicants based on evaluation of a detailed full proposal (not to exceed 8 pages) and subject to the availability of funds.

Now we hope to raise $125,000 to remove oil from the bones and treat the skeleton for display, so that the public can enjoy the magnificent presence of the largest species the world has ever known.

This comprehensive resource will be indispensable for marine mammal biologists, oceanographers, conservation program managers, government regulators, policy makers, and anyone who is concerned about the future of these captivating species.

Articles, Review articles and Notes are subject to peer review. Any Letter challenging published results or interpretations is transmitted to the author of the published work with an invitation to respond. The letter and its response are published simultaneously. Letters are judged by the Editor on appropriateness of the subject and interest to readers and may be sent to reviewers.

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Adult male northern elephant seal considers his future feeding opportunities in the North Pacific Ocean. Picture taken under NMFS permit #87-1743. (Sam Simmons, Marine Mammal Commission)

Cancer – High Prevalence in California Sea Lions
A specific cancer of epithelial origin was first diagnosed in California sea lions at The Marine Mammal Center in 1979. Approximately 17% of adult stranded sea lions that die are diagnosed with cancer. Read more »

Nayak, a female ringed seal stranded as a young pup in Alaska, is participating in bioacoustics research. (Photo credit: )

* The Maine Department of Marine Resources project, "Maine Fishing Gear Exchange and Research Program," is also listed under "Fishing Gear Exchange/Buyback Projects" and "Marine Mammal Research Projects." 

MMF is a not-for-profit scientific and education organisation, conducting applied research, collaboration and communication in the conservation of our amazing marine ...

The following is an evolving list of links to help current and potential students of marine mammal science.  Additions and improvements to this list are welcome, so please contact us with your suggestions.

Marine mammal research paper topics

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Steller Sea Lions: Marine Mammal Research Consortium

Research - Marine Mammal Foundation | MMF – Marine.

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marine mammal research paper topics
marine mammal research paper topics

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