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Salary history in cover letter example

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There are potential drawbacks to providing your salary history. If you're willing to take a salary cut, revealing an earnings history higher than the range for the opening may price you out of the running. If you were underpaid in previous positions, stating your history may lead an employer to think you'll work for cheap, thus shaving thousands of dollars off your salary offer.

Another option – if you’ve got time to prepare in advance – is to do some research on the website of the . Bureau of Labor Statistics (), on the sites of publications in the company’s industry, with recruiters who work in that industry, and even with personal friends who’ve recently held similar jobs. This can allow you to name a ballpark figure without claiming it as your own previous salary.

This salary history template will allow you to present your previous salary structure in 3 companies per page, including data about both your beginning annual salary and end annual salary.

The best way to deal with the question in a job interview is to defer the subject of your salary history until you have more facts. Take these two examples:

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A salary history is a list of the starting and ending salaries (or ballpark annual ranges) you've earned at each employer you've listed in your resume. You'd include it with your cover letter or resume , or submit it separately, depending on what employers request.

If you are asked to include your salary history with your resume, you could ignore the request, but, that means you could risk not getting an interview.

Generally, do not share your salary history in a cover letter. In most cases, if an employer asks for this information, you should follow the employer’s directions and provide it if you are in a location where it is legal for a company to ask. However, some cities and states prohibit employers from asking . In that case, you don't need to list it.

 John Oakley7 Shawnee RoadShort Hills, NJ 07078201-555-0303  SALARY HISTORY   Corporate Communications Associate (2010-present) The Hartford, Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06115Current annual salary: $34,000Beginning annual salary: $30,000  Marketing Assistant (2008-2010) Honeywell, 101 Columbia Road, Morristown, NJ 07962Ending annual salary: $26,000Beginning annual salary: $24,000

Some cities and states have passed legislation  prohibiting employers from asking applicants for salary information. Legislators in these jurisdictions believe that placing past salary information in the hands of employers perpetuates wage inequality since many women have historically been  underpaid  compared to men who hold similar positions.

Create a salary history ... You can sidestep the salary history request by mentioning in your cover letter that you would be delighted to discuss salary ...

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Substance Abuse & Family Counselor (2000-2002)
Ending annual salary: $26,500
Beginning annual salary: $22,000

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One technique for addressing this topic in a cover letter is to list a range of salaries you’ve earned throughout your career. For those who have been in the workforce for a while, it is common for this range to be fairly wide. So you could say, “ I’ve earned between $50,000-$75,000 in previous positions, and I would be happy to discuss salary after an interview.”

Salary history in cover letter example

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salary history in cover letter example
salary history in cover letter example

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