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Self serve car wash business plan

Increase your customer retention and profitability by upgrading your self serve car wash with a wide range of parts and equipment including fragrance machines, touchless air dryers, high pressure guns, shampooers and much more.

We also provide, do it yourself, self-service “wand” bays at each location. In the self-serve wash bays, coin meter options include the choice of presoak , tire and engine cleaner , bug and tar remover , colorful triple foam wax , foam brush , spot free rinse , and more. The self-serve wash is where cars, trucks, ATV, snow machine, snowmobile, boats, heavy equipment, just about anything, can be cleaned to your satisfaction because you do it yourself ! Customers have choice of powerful vacuums, misty fragrance, carpet shampoo, and other car care products

Step 1: Park the car . Pull your car into the garage-like bay and position it directly down the middle. If there is a spot marked out on the floor to park, use that as a guide.

The GinSan Ultra VFD's most innovative feature is the simple, yet powerful Ultra VFD Interface. This touchscreen gives you complete control over the delivery pressure of each function and allows you to program the GS-400 Message Center in your meterboxes.

Midwest Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Operators attending The M-PACT SHOW in Indianapolis on March 13-15, are cordially invited to visit the D&S Exhibit at Booth 710. Learn how an IQ Wash System can increase gasoline sales, inside store sales, and build loyalty for your brand – all at a lower cost to operate and maintain! For more info click /2oBTgvd ... See More See Less

Vending Items  are available to give your car that extra shine. You will find an assortment of the following items for the exterior. 

We offer Full Valet Services (By Appointment Only) as well as a conveniently located 24/7 Self Serve Car Wash Facility Including:

The PERFORMA™ Series Wash Systems by Carolina Pride are designed with only one criteria: make it the best self-service wash system possible. The PERFORMA™ 6000 Six Bay Wash System shown comes as a complete system with foaming tire cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure soap, foaming brush, high-pressure rinse and wax.

The self-service car wash patron is typically a renter. Since they don't own a home and may have little space to wash a car where they live, a professional facility is a necessity. They're also a bit more cost-conscious than those who frequent full-service or exterior-conveyor washes, and tend to have slightly lower incomes. Men tend to use self-serves more than women, according to industry research.

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Self-serve Carwashes; Automotive; ... Operations and Management; Glossary of Terms; The Car Wash Show ... The new self-service carwash model

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High-powered, self-service vacuums are available at all Mike's locations. Always a great value, our vacuums are fast, easy to use and convenient! Each location also has a great selection of vending items including car care products, glass cleaner and micro-fiber towels to make your car shine inside and out.

Self serve car wash business plan

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self serve car wash business plan
self serve car wash business plan

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