ANIMAL-ASSISTED THERAPY – A NEW TREND IN THE TREATMENT OF., Use of animal-assisted therapy with psychiatric patients a literature review

Use of animal-assisted therapy with psychiatric patients a literature review

As with all other interventions, assessing whether a program is effective as far as its outcomes are concerned is easier when the goals are clear and are able to be specified. The literature review identified a range of goals for animal assisted therapy programs relevant to children and young people. They include enhanced capacity to form positive relationships with others i-relief in pet ownership. [7]

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Our program in Animal Assisted Therapy is unlike any other distance education program. Students at the Animal Behavior Institute participate in a highly interactive online classroom, engaging in regular dialog with their professors and student colleagues. Students receive feedback each week, working on collaborative projects while training their own animals. This allows them to achieve a deeper level of understanding than they would develop on their own. This collaboration, coupled with the mentoring each student receives from their instructors, ensures that they receive a very personal education.

Owning a pet, working with a service animal or visiting therapy animals can provide mental health benefits, but those scenarios aren’t considered animal-assisted therapy.

In 1976, Elaine Smith founded Therapy Dogs International, the first registry for therapy dogs in the US. One year later, the Delta Foundation (later named Delta Society, now known as Pet Partners) was formed to research the effects that animals have on people’s lives. Today, these two groups, along with many others, help provide therapy animals to people in need of AAT.

Note: Therapy animals are not service or emotional support animals and are not granted legal rights of access. If you require a service animal, please contact a local member of Assistance Dogs International . If you need an emotional support animal, acquire a relevant letter from your licensed mental health provider. If you’re not disabled, and facing a pet related housing conflict in New York City, these people can help:

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Animal Assisted Therapy is when animals are used in goal directed treatment sessions. These goals can be physical, mental, emotional and/or social. A visitation program is when animals accompany their owners to a facility and visit with the patients or residents.  Regardless of the type of program, all animals should be temperament tested, given a complete veterinary screening, and receive obedience training before beginning to work with patients.

As a professional, your focus is on your client. Will handling an animal be a distraction? If you plan to use AAT for only certain parts of your day, where will your animal wait? How will you manage their need for breaks and stimulation? And keep in mind that not every animal is well-suited for therapy work. If your animal does not enjoy interacting with clients, does this mean you won’t offer AAT?

Medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers, reading specialists, occupational and physical therapists, health care professionals and others in many different fields are tapping into this unique human-animal bond for its potential therapeutic value.

The power of the relationship between animals and some people is undeniable. We have a history of linking people who are ill with nature: we bring plants and flowers to people who are sick in an effort to cheer them. It can be a natural next step to bring nature in the form of animals to help people heal.

Use of animal-assisted therapy with psychiatric patients a literature review

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use of animal-assisted therapy with psychiatric patients a literature review
use of animal-assisted therapy with psychiatric patients a literature review

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