University Binding - Thesis and Dissertation Binding., Thesis hard binding brighton

Thesis hard binding brighton

Printed Hard Cover Binding Print your full color design on wrap-around Hard Cover up to 12×18 inches big; Fabric Hard Cover Binding with Gold Foil Lettering and Seal

Prices based on 4 lines of title lettering (1 line 38 characters) There is an additional charge of £ per line in excess of these 4 lines. 4 working days is the standard time. In exceptional circumstances it may take longer. An additional charge will be made if the thesis does not fall within University Regulations.

 Please note the 7 hour, 5 hour and 3 hour services cannot be submitted online, these need to be emailed to admin@ with instructions and a telephone number and a member of staff will call you.

  • Leather,
  • Bonded leather,
  • Wintan leather,
  • PVC,
  • Novalite,
  • Printed covers,
  • Canvas,
  • and denim.

These prices are for A4 portrait binding.  For other sizes, please see BESPOKE .
For lettering in other colours – silver, black, white – add an extra charge of £5 .

Got a question or special request? No problem. You can email or call us to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Congratulations… You’ve finished your thesis! Now comes the easy bit. Thesis Online provides a one-stop-shop for easy and quick printing and binding of your thesis, dissertation, project or report. Get Started!

Established in 1998, at New Delhi, we “Naseem Book Binding” are known as the popular Binding service provider in Delhi ncr. In our service range, we offer Lather Book Binding, Rexine Book Binding, Project Report Binding, Thesis Book Binding, and Spiral Binding, golden embossing and color / Black and white printing service....

The Maughan Library (Strand Campus)
FAO: Room LG42
King's College London
Chancery Lane

Got books at home that are badly in need of repair?
Well, stop in at Bookbinding Creations and get your book back in a few days looking almost new, and without a huge hole in your wallet. The business was established in 2002 by founders Andy and Denise Forbes, during which time entrepreneur Virginia Ngwenya learnt the craft as an employee and eventually bought the business in 2008. She hasn't looked back since, and binds around 300 books, journals, theses, and photograph albums each month, all with a friendly smile.

Standard binding is based upon a maximum 300 pages. For a thesis up to 450 pages an extra charge is applied. If the thesis is over 450 pages, it must be bound in two or more volumes.

Our hard bindings are also lettered on the spine and/or the front cover in gold or silver foil.
For non thesis hard binding please see the bespoke binding section.

Batch or single binding of library journals, periodicals or law reports. Journals and law reports can be bound according to the frequency of use… Read more>>>

Full cloth soft binding in Arbelave Library buckram. Colour choice up to the individual. Lettered on spine in gold (hot foil embossing, not digital foil printing) with candidate’s initials and surname, degree and year running from top to bottom. This must all be in capital letters (apart from .)

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In addition to our soft-binding service we also offer a 5-10 day hard binding service (depending on workload) – with delivery to your academic school. 

Thesis hard binding brighton

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thesis hard binding brighton
thesis hard binding brighton

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