NUS Food Science & Technology Programme, Msc coursework nus

Msc coursework nus

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Welcome to the The Graduate Studies, Thank you for your interest in NUS. The majority of graduate programmes in the University admit students twice a year, in August ...

A candidate may read for the MSc (Mechanical Engineering) with or without a major or area of specialisation. The specialisations available are:

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© 2012 Nanyang Technological University
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Provision for Grade-Free Semesters: For students who are admitted from AY2014/2015 onwards, a maximum of 4 Level-1000 and 2 Level-2000 (without prerequisites) modules graded on S/U basis will be allowed to be counted towards the DKR.

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I 3 building
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119613

The MSc (by Coursework) Programme in Food Science and Human Nutrition  offers a comprehensive set of advanced topics including food bioscience (microbiology and safety, fermentation), modern food processing technology, evidence-based functional foods, modern analytical science and human nutrition. This Programme is designed to provide professional continuing education training, which in turn better prepare the workforce amid the rapidly changing food landscape.   

To graduate, a student pursuing a Master's degree by research must achieve a minimum CAP of for all required modules, and have passed the Master's thesis. Similarly, to obtain a PhD degree, the minimum CAP required for graduation is . In addition, the candidate must have passed the PhD qualifying examination, the PhD thesis, and the oral examination. Students are required to submit their final approved theses electronically.

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Total fee for the entire MSc Programme (40 MCs) will be SGD 33,300 (excluding GST and miscellaneous student fees of $). 

The MSc degrees are awarded once the candidates pass the relevant examinations and achieve a minimum level of proficiency in the examinations.

The Master of Science in Quantitative Finance is also a coursework programme designed for students with a strong background in the mathematical sciences who wish to enhance their professional skills and qualifications in quantitative finance at postgraduate level.

Candidates may be admitted to one of two study tracks which are catered to candidates with different levels of qualifications. Students who did not major in mathematics at the undergraduate level would normally be considered for admission into Track 2 (80MC programme).

The . (ISE) degree requires the completion of 40 modular credits (MCs) in coursework with a minimum cumulative average point (CAP) of as follows:

Those who currently use or who wish to use GIS and its applications to their full extent will find the programme useful. Applications cover, but certainly not limited to, spatial assessment and management of natural resources, environmental/disaster monitoring and assessment, demographic analysis, public health, forensic sciences, transportation and urban planning, and business marketing.

Track 2 : 80 modular-credit programme (for applicants who have a Bachelor's pass degree or completed a three-year study in Physics or related discipline)

Restructured Curriculum
Note: Candidates enrolling in Aug 2018 and subsequent intakes will follow the restructured curriculum

For more information such as the direct link to the application system, application checklist and the required supporting documents, please click here .

There is no specialization of the degrees awarded. These milestone Singapore based qualifications enable nurses to take their study in a full-time or part-time mode.

Msc coursework nus

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NUS Food Science & Technology Programme

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msc coursework nus
msc coursework nus

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