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Reflective essay on maturity

Another important skill that I have learnt is to prioritize and manage my time well especially when it comes to market research. Time management has always been an area I have tried to improve on. This module project had taught me how time consuming conducting research and analyzing data takes especially for the feasibility study. Thus, I have learnt to prioritize my workload and familiarize myself with project management tools such as the gantt chart and critical path method in order to schedule project activities.

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Every reflective essay must follow this format. Failure to do this will amount to something like writing an apa essay without following a proper apa essay forma , and this means messing up the entire essay. From here, you will now move to the conclusion of the essay. This is where you are expected to sum up the feelings you have about the event, how the event have changed some aspects of your life and the effects of the changes you have experienced before and after the event. Your conclusion must be unique and also very clear so that the readers will not have to read several times before they understand you. It is also supposed to be very short and precise.

1. A first job or internship; think about skills you learned and relationships you made and how they have impacted your life.

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Writing reflective essays are all about sharpening your mind’s critical thinking abilities. This means that you aren’t just expected to write about your essay topic —you’re expected to offer opinions and observations about it. One great way to do this is to be observant. Maximizing observations in reflective essays is a must: keep a notebook or a notepad and continually write down ideas that cross your mind. What did you think of the activity or event? What about it struck you? How did it make you feel? These are all questions that you should be able to answer throughout the process of writing your reflective essay.

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I passed the first writing class so I am confident for the second. The papers are a lot harder to write. We had to write four papers within the semester and a final paper before it ends. I am excited, curious and nervous at the same time when it is time to check the grades but those feelings would be quickly altered by disappointment. I got failing grades on all four papers but I thought this should not affect my confidence. Before writing the final paper, I went through all those four papers and looked where I went wrong. Keeping the corrections and comments in mind, I wrote the final paper and I was very happy when I received a passing grade.

A well-written journal can be an important tool. As with any tool, to get the most benefits, you need practice. This could mean forcing yourself to write, at first, but after a while, it will become like second nature. Write down your entry as soon as possible after the event. This way, the details will still be fresh in your mind, which will help later in your analysis.

 · Below, I’ll show you how to create a killer reflective essay outline, and I’ll even give you a downloadable template you can use to make your own outline.

Reflective essay on maturity

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reflective essay on maturity
reflective essay on maturity

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