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Morgan weistling oil painting homework

“I tried to paint images in different eras, but something about it never works. I keep coming back to the Western frontier,” said Weistling, jokingly adding that he had a time machine, but that it was stuck in the 19th century.

Morgan Weistling’s Apple Pie portrays a truth and beauty of America’s pioneering spirit that is often overlooked – the hard work and sacrifice was about carving out a place for your family to live and thrive. This Fine Art Edition Canvas captures the mood and serene atmosphere any baking-addict will tell you is at the heart of any kitchen – a person cooking is a person giving, and preparing even the simplest of recipes is a gift.

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Well known for his paintings of early American pioneer life, Morgan Weistling began his art career as a movie-poster illustrator. After 14 years, he left illustration to pursue fine art. Interested in the effects of light, Weistling’s paintings capture the mood and atmosphere of the past. His attention to the historical aspects of his subjects comes from his desire to portray the truth and beauty of America’s pioneering spirit.  Weistling and his wife, JoAnn, also an artist, reside in California with their daughters, Brittany and Sienna.

In 2014 she was invited to be in Settlers West’s American Miniatures exhibition and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s Small Works, Great Wonders annual winter art sale, and she and has been invited back annually since then. During that same year, she was featured in  International Artist  and  Western Art Collector  magazines; her painting  Emily was featured on the cover of  Southwest Art;  and she was one of the artists interviewed for Southwest Art ’s article “21 Under 31.”

His paintings have graced the covers of  American Artist, Art of the West, Persimmon Hill, Southwest Art, . Art,  and  Western Art Collector . A new book is available on his work, titled A Brush With History: The Paintings of Morgan Weistling.

Morgan Weistling – Reflection Of God – Open Edition Canvas Image Size: 11″w X 14″h. – The Difference Between A Magnificent Work Of Art And An Illustration Lies In The Artists Passion For The Subject At Hand

75 s/n Giclee Canvas 20" x 22" $695
25 s/n Giclee Canvas 38" x 42" $1650

J. Peralta painting, "Sunlit Dreams" 2011 (the next day I had her change one of her hand positions) It was a cold, Fall day.

Morgan weistling oil painting homework

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morgan weistling oil painting homework
morgan weistling oil painting homework

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