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Chapter 13 homework solutions

7. The landlord insisted the tenant pay the $500 rent he owed, the tenant refused to pay until the gear was fixed. The case went to a court of limited jurisdiction .

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ADEQUENCY of Consideration – Courts have maintained their stand – the value or fairness of consideration will not be judged.

7. Foreseeability Test- Determines if the plantiff’s unreasonable conduct was the proximate cause of the injury. Needed for a judgement.

7. The landlord insisted the tenant pay $500 rent he owed; the tenant refused to pay until the heat was fixed. The case went to a court of General Jurisdiction.

Chapter 14, #28, 32, 36, 52
Chapter 15, # 40 , 58, 60
Chapter 16, #12, 18

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Chapter 13 homework solutions

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chapter 13 homework solutions
chapter 13 homework solutions

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