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Caltech thesis guidelines

The primary goals of the graduate program in physics at MIT are to solidify and broaden your knowledge of physics and to teach you how to do research, how to identify important problems, and how to communicate scientific information effectively. In short, you will be trained to become a professional physicist and a productive member of the scientific community.

There are many opportunities for undergraduate research within the Computing + Mathematical Sciences. Students may work with CMS faculty, but also in other departments and even JPL. Students should also consider the SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships) program. Please visit the SURF website for more information . The application deadline is typically in February. Students should begin talking with professors at least two months before the deadline. Finally, upperclass students can invest a significant portion of time doing research with a CMS advisor and writing a CS or CDS Undergraduate Thesis .

The degree of Master of Science in Materials Science is only awarded to students who do not already have an . degree in Materials Science. The degree will be awarded upon request by students who have fulfilled the requirements. Only in exceptional cases is there admission to the . program as the final degree objective.

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Coursework requirements provide maximum flexibility in building on undergraduate training and complementing the research activities of each student. Students take six electives (one-quarter courses totaling at least 54 units; grade of B or higher in each course) selected in consultation with the student’s adviser and the option representative. To maximize the opportunity for research during the early stages of the graduate career, coursework may be spread over the first and second years. Examples of relevant electives include:

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The CMS PhD program is designed around the new information science core. This core provides the ideal foundation for future applications across the sciences, engineering, and beyond. Our approach requires the mastery of the following ways of thinking about information science:

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To be recommended for candidacy for the . degree in Applied Physics, a student must demonstrate mastery in the following five areas of pure and applied physics:

The PhD requirements are below and are also available in the Caltech Catalog, Section 4: Information for Graduate Students .

Caltech thesis guidelines

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caltech thesis guidelines
caltech thesis guidelines

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